Date Night in Fells Point, MD

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Lindsay

Fells Point is a neighborhood in Baltimore, MD located right on the harbor opposite of the city’s main tourist center. It’s got a great vibe and a wide variety of food and bar options which means it’s a solid recommendation for a date night. A few Saturday’s ago, Jason and I spent a short evening in one of our favorite parts of the city. Take a look!

For food, Fells Point has a lot of options, especially if you’re in the mood for something fast and cheap. But if your in the area and want seafood, do yourself a favor and check out the well known local spot Bertha’s.

Bertha’s Mussels

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point10

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point21

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point14

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point15

Bertha’s has reasonably priced and consistently delicious food, most notably of course would be their mussels. Don’t worry about picking a specific sauce for your morsels, you can be a sauce boss and get them all.

After we realized we stayed at Bertha’s too long to catch a movie, I typed “late night desserts” into google and perused my surrounding. I noticed Kilwins’ was incredibly close and located on a street full of window shops I mostly ignore when scouring the area. We decided to investigate.


Kilwins’ is a chain that specializes in making fudge, caramels and other tempting treats. It was a sweet spot (pun intended) and we grabbed some very very tasty marsh mellow treats.

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point23

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point24

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point25

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point26

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point27

Sweet treats in hand, there was only one thing left to do…


I don’t know if you’ve caught on by now or not but I need coffee at all hours of the day. Jason adorably obliges my request for a coffee over a beer and we try out a new spot in the area – Twist. The restaurant just opened up in the last few month so we haven’t had a chance to check it out just yet. We did however notice the Lavazza espresso machine at the counter which was all the convincing I needed.

Date Night in Fells Point Fells-Point29-horz

Fells Point is a go to destination for us in Baltimore. There are loads of other bars, restaurants and dessert spots we love in the area. More reason to profile Fells Point in the future.

What’s your ideal date night?



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