Donut Time: Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Jason

We continue our regular feature where we profile donut shops from far and wide. Check out this Richmond donut den Sugar Shack Donuts and check out more posts here.

Say hi to Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, Virginia!

Sugar Shack was a great donut shop that we traveled across town to see. Personally, this was my favorite of the donut shops that we ventured out to in Richmond (while Lindsay gave the edge to Dixie Donuts.) The shop offers a fun atmosphere and great fluffy donuts that, like its namesake suggests, do not skimp on the sugar.

First impressions of the Shack were pretty mediocre. It’s unassuming from the outside, nestled on a street corner across the street from a school.

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

But once inside you get to experience a totally different environment. Everything was very neatly designed and had an old rustic vibe while still feeling modern. A great spot to enjoy a donut!

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

One of the quirkier and really awesome things about Sugar Shack were the rules. Yes, there are rules even for donuts now a days! Still, they are ready to serve when you need to fix that donut and coffee craving, no amiguity here. Given the donuts change out every 15 minutes they were very fresh and we were tempted to stay a few “rounds” just to see what came up.

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

The staff was very nice and helpful since they did not have any donuts labled. Not to mention they had a nice cold brewed coffee and were even carrying a local favorite Zeke’s Coffee!

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

Now we get to the main show, what we all came here to see. Delicious donuts!

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

Of course given they all looked so good we had to pick up a few different types and get outside to enjoy the day with Ellie. On the side of the building, the shop had a nice little outside nook that was a pretty nice spot to hang with the Bean* and enjoy our donuts.

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

Last but not least, the money shot of these delicious bad boys. The screen simply does not do them justice, they are as good as they look and then some! You will just have to venture to a Sugar Shack near you and try them out!

Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

* Bean is our nickname for Ellie derived from Jelly Bean which then became Ellie Bean… get it?!

What do you go for donuts in Richmond?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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Sugar Shack Donuts in Richmond, VA

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