Eurotrip Day 5 – Copenhagen, Denmark: Nyhavn, Street Food and More

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Lindsay

For our last full day in Copenhagen, we still needed to check a few things off the bucket list. More touristy spots afoot!

First things first: walking grub courtesy of Det Rene Brød.


We were headed over to the park where the famous Little Mermaid statue was located but we stopped to take a few snapshots of the city along the way.




We finally reached the park which hugs the Langelinie embankment along the city’s harbor. The park was nice but the statue itself is a different story.

The Little Mermaid statue aka Den lille havfrue is a send up to Danish author/fairy tale creator Hans Christian Andersen. He’s a big deal here for obvious reasons and the statue is a huge tourist attraction drawing in over a million people a year. So the line to check out the statue was long and to be honest, the sculpture itself is very underwhelming, clocking in at about 4ft tall. I mean, it’s on a rock in the harbor so that’s cool? What I’m saying is that we didn’t snap any great photos of it. Moving along…


We did snap approximately 1 decent shot of the Gefion Fountain though.


Parks, fountains, half-woman half-fish statues… that’s all well in good but let’s get some coffee. We walked until we found the lovely Kafe Krone, a great spot that I’ll profile in it’s own post Monday.


After the pick me up, we made our way to Nyhavn canal. The views here are what most people associate with Copenhagen and once you check it out, it’s easy to see why it’s such a beloved spot in the city.


The area is full of little cafes and beautiful, vibrant buildings along the water. We took way too many photos here.






You’re still looking? Alright keep scrolling!





Once we had filled the memory card with photos of yellow buildings, we headed across the water to Copenhagen Street Food.



Copenhagen Street Food is a giant indoor/outdoor warehouse/eating area that is home to a huge selection of food stands. Check out a few of the stands inside:





For Lunch we shared a super delicious Brazilian meat platter.


For a post-lunch sweet treat we had to check out these English “pancakes” …


Which are basically just crepes. (Still delicious!)


After filling up, we headed over to the nearby town of Christiania. Christiania is a “free town” which basically means all the residents pronounced themselves autonomous from the government (aka Hippie commune.) It’s a bunch of people that really wanted to smoke pot and live in shanty shacks. That’s how I see it. Anyway, they frown on photography in Christiania so we didn’t take any pics. But I did take a photo of a cool house boat on our way there:


Yep, so that happened. The town was kind of a neat place to visit but I don’t have much of an interest to stop by again. Afterwards, we headed to the hip Jægersborggade neighborhood where we visited a gorgeous park and picked up our next treat courtesy of The Coffee Collective & Meyers Bageri.


Although this post might not suggest it based on the amount of photos included, this was a long day. There was a lot of walking and talking about what we wanted to see before the day was out. When we ventured back home we made a stop at a ridiculous hot dog cart we had been eyeing up all week. I think this picture speaks for itself.


Have you ever been to Copenhagen?
Where are your favorite places to go?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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  • Jess November 11, 2015 at 11:07 am

    All those buildings on the Nyhavn canal look gorgeous! Love the bright colors. And those hot dogs!!


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