Eurotrip Day 6 – Copenhagen, Denmark to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Jason

Day 6 of our trip meant it was time to leave Copenhagen and head to Amsterdam. We loved Copenhagen so much so we were thankful that we had a chunk of time before flying out to enjoy the city a little longer.

We experienced our last coffee at Kafferiet – the same little corner coffee shop that was part of the Rosenborg Castle Gardens behind it. It had this awesome little seating area out front.


But we decided to take our coffee on a stroll through Rosenborg Castle Gardens for one last visit.


This is a really great park and it is HUGE. There are plenty of spaces to just pop a squat and relax (if you can’t tell I am really wishing we had something like this back home 🙂 ). This is the perfect place to sip a coffee with a gigantic backpack on!


It was very bitter sweet leaving Copenhagen. This city was a real surprise to me, I thought it would be slow and boring but it was anything but. I really enjoyed my stay there and the people were awesome!


At the airport we couldn’t decide what to eat and ended up with some very ‘Meh’ pizza that we accidentally ordered 2 of…blarg…


Anyway, from there it was on the plane and on to the next city. Before we knew it – BAM – Welcome to Amsterdam! We were greeted by this awesome sign that I used to let our Uber know where we are. In hindsight, we could have made our way to our place via public transport but Google Maps had let us to believe otherwise when we planned at home. It was one of the rare instances that it as wrong though so I let it slide.


Now let’s see where we will be staying for the next few days!


After walking up several steep flights of stairs we realized just how worth it the journey was.


This Amsterdam Airbnb* was pretty much hands down my favorite. Everything about it was really cool. The space was a converted loft apartment with a really open feel. The rooms had big open windows that let in a lot of light.


And of course this awesome little nook. This made morning coffee so much better.


Or just-got-off-a-plane-afternoon coffee. Whatever you’re into.


That night we had our first hiccup of the trip. We had tickets to see a band but ended up to the “venue” late only to find out that the tickets listed the box office address and not the actual venue address. It was a hassle to re-route and on top of that we were stupid hungry. We ended up wandering around for a good 3 hrs trying to find some food that we were feeling. Being a bit too picky I think! We became obsessed with this White Whale of a Thai takeout box place we spotted once and then NEVER FOUND AGAIN. After an accidental stroll through the Red Light district we decided on this decent little Thai restaurant. A savory end to our first day!


Stay tuned for more from Amsterdam!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?
Where are your favorite places to go?
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  • Natalie M. February 11, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    That Airbnb looks so cute! That nook looks like heaven!


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