Eurotrip Day 7 – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Lanskroon for Stroopwafel and More

Posted on November 20, 2015 by Lindsay

Our first full day in Amsterdam started off by sleeping in. We were so ready to relax after the previous day spent in airports and Ubers. Sleeping in would come to be a staple of our time in Amsterdam thanks to our lovely apartment and access to a coffee maker.

The night before, we took the advice of our Airbnb* host and stopped in a grocery store nearby for a few household essentials. We stocked up on coffee and breakfast bites. And juice because it’s the thing to do in Europe.


Time to hit up the nook and plan out our week. There isn’t a lot of big tourist spots to check out in Amsterdam, save for say the Anne Frank house so we mainly planned to relax and peruse the city. But one thing I could no longer wait to do was consume Stroopwafel. We basically planned our day around that.


These views were right behind our apartment. Amsterdam hit me hard with just how beautiful it was. Every street was near water and there were scores of pretty flowers and handsome boats nestled all around the city.


Just on our first few short walks I was already really loving the city’s views.



Eventually we made it into the city for the main event. Stroopwafel time at one of the city’s most noted cafe’s for the dessert – Lanskroon.


This sweet cafe is located on a cozy but bustling corner of the city. They also serve gelato but I had other vices on my mind.


Yeah, there she is. Start her up.


Time for our treats! For those of you wondering what the hell I keep going on about, Stroopwafels are made up of two very thin waffles that have a caramel/honey/maple like syrup inside. They are great with both coffee or ice cream meaning that they are one of the most perfect sweet treats in existence. In other words, I’m a fan.


We came at a nice time to enjoy ourselves with the sun rolling in and the tables emptying.


Plenty of time to finish these last delightful bites.


Afterwards, we spend the rest of the evening walking around the gorgeous city until dinner time.



We decided to take advantage of the grocery store and make dinner at home. A romantic meat and cheese platter that we spent far too much time attempting to photograph.



I don’t need a lot to be happy. Coffee, stroopwafel and good company will do just fine.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?
Where are your favorite places to go?
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