Eurotrip Day 12 – London, England: Bea’s of Bloomsbury, MEATmarket, Pubs and More

Posted on February 26, 2016 by Lindsay

We arrived in London late at night and didn’t do anything besides ride our train into town and then take the tube to our friend Will’s flat. The next morning we went downtown to meet up with some other friends of ours (BFFs Jess & Rob) that were also in town visiting for the eventual Lamb Meet Up.


Our first coffee spot of the day was Algerian Coffee Store right in Soho.


This was a tiny little spot that served up espresso in the corner and had plenty of other goods to pickup while you waited.


Everyone was prepared for their Coffee Break close-up.


For lunch, we took a short walk to Fernandez & Wells, a sandwich chain I had read good things about but more importantly, had large cuts of meat hanging in the window.



After perusing the options I decided on this tasty creation because any sandwich with chorizo is welcome in my stomach.


We walked a lot after lunch just getting the lay of the land. We happened upon a thrifty book market, with one table full of movie-related paperbacks.


The National Gallery was a big tourist center.


Speaking of tourist, this won’t be the last picture you see of the famous red telephone booths.


Ready for dessert we stopped by Bea’s of Bloomsbury for a sweet treat. The shop was bustling so we took our treats to-go and chatted in a nearby courtyard.


Coffee paired well with this PB+J style brownie but I made a mental note for next time that I should have picked up some milk!


And looky here, I told you that wouldn’t be the last of em.


After a bit more walking, the sun was setting so we decided to finally hit up some British pubs. First stop was The Blackfriar.


I don’t know anything about beer but it was nice seeing a large crowd both inside and outside the pub, everyone hanging around relaxing after work.


The portions are also quite generous.



It felt a lot like home for one of the first times of the trip – back with best friends and enjoying the night out.


I was very ready for dinner at this point in the evening. Off we went to the MEATmarket.


MEATmarket is a great place to grab a real sloppy, dirty burger. I paired mine with a maple bourbon shake.


After dinner drinks came courtesy of The Queen’s Head. The place looked cute enough but I believe it’s a chain pub.


It doesn’t really matter as long as the beer is still flowing.


And that was it for our first night in London. A breezy start to a jam packed week.


Have you ever been to London?
Where are your favorite places to go?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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  • Elwood Jones March 4, 2016 at 3:16 am

    I love seeing London through a tourists eyes while your photography really makes the city seem like somewhere classier like Paris. I guess this is the trouble when you live somewhere you get so used to seeing things, they tend to loose the shine and intrest these photos captured.


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