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Donut Time: Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

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Say good morning to Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England!

Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

Nestled in the busy streets of Soho, Crosstown Doughnuts is a tiny beacon of hope for donut lovers. I’d been in Europe about two weeks and while I had consumed a lot of tasty sweet treats, I had yet to mark off donuts from the list.

The donuts here were fucking pricey, I’ll be the first to admit, but there were a lot of options to choose from.

Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

After making a selection we turned around to take a bite but someone beat us to it with these stools…

Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

My favorite donuts are usually the less flashy ones so I went with just a plain sugar and plain glazed pair.

Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

In hindsight, I should have went with one of their more daring flavors as their website says they take pride in “utilizing the best ingredients whilst making everything in house – whether a jam, compote, glaze, filling or topping.” That kind of makes me regret not trying a Seven Berry doughnut (with a glaze of strawberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, redcurrant and elderberry) or a Coffee Custard Scroll (sourdough rolled with coffee grounds, filled with coffee custard and topped with a sweet coffee glaze and a light dusting of coffee grounds)

I guess there’s always next time.

Oh and Crosstown has one last reminder:

“Be a doughnut in a world full of cupcakes.”

Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England

What do you go for donuts in London?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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Crosstown Doughnuts in London, England


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