Eurotrip Day 18 – Paris, France: Père Lachaise Cemetery, Crêpes and More

Posted on May 3, 2016 by Jason

Welcome to Paris! First things first, breakfast of course. For our first breakfast in Paris we stopped at Le Pain Quotidien. Coffee, as usual was the first thing on our minds.

Although the waiter warned us about it’s size, we decided to order a bread basket and it did not disappoint. Awesome breads of all styles that, honestly, I had no clue what they were. Not to mention it was ALOT of bread. We were able to save the remainder for snacking the rest of our stay here!

And just to add to the amount of food we had to try some delicious cured meats and cheese!

After a very satisfying and filling breakfast we decide to stroll around and see what we came across. First up, as to be expected, is some awesome architecture around the area. Needless to say these homes have a bit more character than you find back home!


You know, just a really beautiful view down an alley no big deal…

Next up we took a walk through Père Lachaise Cemetery, a very picturesque cemetery (should I be describing it that way? oh well…)


This place had some of the most ornate and interesting facets I have ever seen.



Oh, have I mentioned yet, this place is huuuuge! We probably could have walked around here all day! Now onto the massive amount of photos…







After our stroll through the cemetery I was feeling the need to grab a quick macaroon boost. This was the first one I had during our stay and it was pretty tasty, but I would only discover how not tasty by comparison it was later on in the trip.


Next up, Lindsay insisted we stop at Le Pure Cafe. It’s featured in on of her favorite films Before Sunset.

Can’t go wrong with Lavazza!

We decided on grabbing some Falafel for dinner. Unfortunately, the one we wanted to go to was closed but where we ended up going was still delicious! Even with the snooty falafel servers… so sorry I tried to speak French! Fuck me right?

And what is dinner without some delicious dessert! Behold: Crêpes at La Droguerie du Marais

This Nutella and banana crepe was out of this world! Diabetes here we come!

After strolling around a bit more we decided to pop a squat at a random cafe, La Favorite. Lindsay ordered a hot chocolate since it was a bit chilly, too bad it was a literal “hot chocolate” much to her dismay.

But alas, gelato at Amorino to the rescue! Never one to miss a sweet treat Lindsay insisted we try this gelato…

… and I am so glad that she did! This was some tasty stuff!

On our way back home we were able to checkout one more site, the Place de la Bastille.


Keep checking back for more Paris pics!

Have you ever been to Paris?
Where are your favorite place to go?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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  • Beth | Adventuring the Great Wide Somewherq October 17, 2016 at 10:14 am

    It sounds super weird, but visiting the Parisian cemeteries is actually pretty cool! I have not visited Pere Lachaise quite yet, but did make it out to the one in Montparnasse two summers ago! It’s interesting to see the care that goes into everything, even in death.

    • Lindsay October 20, 2016 at 2:50 pm

      It’s really not even weird, I totally get it. It was a beautiful place.


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