Weekly Photo Recap: The Maryland Film Festival & Bird Updates

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Lindsay

It’s Monday again and that means it’s time to check out what’s been happening this past week with my weekly photo recap.

I focused this week’s photos on motion. I didn’t have much luck with finding subjects but I practiced when I could. I also spent almost every day this week snapping picture of the baby birds in the bush outside my house. They hatched last week and look quite…interesting.


I had almost forgot that I had the Captain America: Civil War screening to attend with my lucky +1 Jason! Overall, I enjoyed Marvel’s latest effort – you can read more of my thoughts on the film here.

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-16
It was nice and sunny before the movie and dark and rainy when we got out. I don’t love it when it rains all day but I do have to admit I secretly enjoy moody nighttime thunderstorms.

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-17


weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-19
The mama bird spends all of her time at the nest but had to leave to gather food after the babies hatched. This is the day they came out of the shell!

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-20

Later, Ellie celebrated Star Wars day with her new favorite toy. Sometimes she wants to kill Vader, other times he’s her best friend. I’m concerned about the balance in the force.
weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-21


When the neighborhood is quiet, I like to take Ellie to the basketball court to play fetch. Fortunately, we had a break in the rain on Wednesday and were able to play on lunch.
weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-22

Working on some motion shots. Not bad, but I need to look into focusing better and work on the coloring.
weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-23

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-24


Thursday was a pretty uneventful day. Well, that’s kind of a lie as I was extremely busy at work but it wasn’t a very photogenic day. After work, I finally got my hair cut.

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-25


Last weekend was also the Maryland Film Festival. It been a tradition to try and see something at the festival every year and we had lined up 3 films over the course of Friday & Saturday.
weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-26
Deja vu getting pizza at Two Boots.

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-27


A quick check in on the birds Saturday morning revealed a lot more feathers than earlier in the week.
weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-28

Jason made a delightful pancake breakfast. I’m so glad he’s a good cook – I’m inconsistently okay at best.

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-29

In the evening we went down to the film festival for our last showing. We grabbed dinner before at TenTen Ramen.

I’ve always heard great things about this place but I wasn’t in love with my soup selection. If anyone has any good Baltimore ramen recommendations let me know!

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-30


The week ended with beautiful weather. On a quick trip to the grocery store I spotted some cold brew coffee the I hadn’t seen before. It was very sweet but tasty!

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-31

And since I was trying out motion photography I became a little obsessed with making gifs. Here’s a random one that you don’t really need but you’re getting anyway!

weekly photo recap iced-coffee-01

BirdWatch2016 revealed some cuter faces and growing wings!

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-32

Later, it was off to my parents to celebrate Mother’s Day and hang out with my second favorite pooch.

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-33

weekly photo recap Week 02MAY2016-34

Sunday was nice cap to the week. Love you Mom!

What was the highlight of your week?

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