Our New Blog Name – Also.Coffee

Our New Blog Name – Also Coffee

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Lindsay

Jason and I started Coffee Break Travel a few months ago with the intention to show off some travel photos and share tips. After thinking a lot about what we would like to keep posting on the blog we decided that expanding the blog’s purpose to also encompass lifestyle updates is the direction that best suited us. Because CBT is still in such an infantile state, we didn’t see too much harm in finding a better name for our brand. So say hello to our New Blog Name Also.Coffee



Coffee seems to punctuate almost everything we do. It’s a sidekick, a motivator and often a destination. But it can always be added to make any activity better. We also wanted a short, catchy title that is right to the point.

For our domain name, we went with also.coffee as the URL.
Our old URL coffeebreaktravel.com will still direct you here as well.

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