Weekly Photo Recap: Canton Baltimore and Memories of London

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Lindsay

I must admit that I am really enjoying putting together these weekly photo recap posts. It challenges me to think outside the box with my photography, especially on days where nothing very photogenic is happening. Here’s what last week looked like.

I decided to theme the photos this week with a more muted, faded photo style. I liked the cohesiveness of the photo set overall but I still prefer the vibrancy found in natural light.


The sun popped out in the afternoon so Jason and I decided to take Ellie on a mini-hike.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-02

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-03

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-04
I have been dying to go camping. We had planned on going at least 3 different weekends and each time has been derailed for one reason or another. Hopefully, we will make it out this Memorial Day weekend.


This was the week of the half bun. I dig my haircut so far but I need it to grow a wee bit longer before I can successfully pull off the look sans bobby pins.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-08

After my day at the office, I met Jason at his work in Canton before heading out to see a screening of Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. If you’re interested, I talk about my feelings on the movie on the latest episode of my podcast which can be found here.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-05

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-07


Cosmo joined Ellie and I on our midday walk. He was so excited he slobbered all over himself 🙂

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-09

My neighbor has a few indoor/outdoor cats and while I’m not generally a fan of furry felines, I often become hypnotized by this one’s eyes.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-10

Later on it was BACK to Canton for a little Happy Hour event Jason and I were invited to. Here’s an exterior shot of the beautiful building Jason works in.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-11


It was bright & sunny on lunch so Ellie and I played fetch in the park. The faded photos give off such a different aesthetic in bright sunlight.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-12

Jumping is Ellie’s #2 favorite thing to do (eating is of course #1.)

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-13

The nice weather continued and I finally got to go out for a bike ride.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-15


Somehow we were back down in Canton again on Friday. We made dinner reservations and then headed into the bar Bad Decisions for a quick drink. To my surprise they had a Pimm’s drink on the menu. It reminded me instantly of our time in England.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-16

We had dinner at The Fork and Wrench – one of those hipster warehouse/farm-to-table places and it was very tasty.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-17

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-18

Afterwards we met up with our friends and enjoyed a bonfire late into the night.


Saturday was typical. It rained all damn day so we spent most of it inside. Later on we cooked a big beef stroganoff dinner for Rob & Jess.

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-19

Then we headed out to the movies and I spotted Maltesers! These just recently came to the US. Mmmmm

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-20


My Sunday was super productive. I went for a run, attended a webinar, finished all of my laundry and did all the meal planning for the rest of the week. I felt damn good!

weekly photo recap Week 16MAY2016-21

Ending on such a positive note made me really look forward to this week ahead. Hopefully I can keep up the productive streak and get some big stuff done!

What was the highlight of your week?


  • Jess May 23, 2016 at 3:53 pm

    Dang, you’re cute. Loving your new cut & the bun look.
    That cat looks super witchy, which seems like the main reason to get a cat.
    Camping must happen this weekend! Rain stay away.

    • Lindsay May 23, 2016 at 4:07 pm

      I literally had the same thought about the cat. It might just be a spell the cat is casting but I’d consider getting one and naming it Phillip for obvious witchy reasons.


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