Weekly Photo Recap: Sweet Treats and Fun Finds

Posted on June 6, 2016 by Lindsay

This week’s photo recap isn’t terribly picture heavy but that’s okay. I had a fun week and the time flew by! Here’s what I was up to at the start of June:


Monday was Memorial Day. The group of us finished our camping trip and headed back home.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-01
I was looking forward to trying out a donut shop in Gettysburg but it wasn’t open when we left (bummer.) We spent the rest of the day unwinding with friends at a cookout and catching up on weekend TV shows. I think I had photo overload from the weekend because I failed to snap anything after leaving Pennsylvania.


A rather uneventful day. Jason and I took Ellie to the pet store for a new toy. She was pretty jazzed.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-02


For the past 1700 years Jason and I have been looking at various housing options. We were house hunting again on Wednesday and spotted this disturbing ice cream truck. I’m not sure who thought those child portraits were a good idea. For further creepiness – the truck is parked in front of a strip club.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-03


On Thursday, I did a little donut photo shoot for National Donut day and I love how the pics turned out! You can read my post about it here.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-04

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-05


One of my favorite neighborhoods in Baltimore, Hamilton, celebrates the first Friday of every month with Hamilton First Fridays. The shops and restaurants in the area run specials, have live music and other little events. We hit up some of our favorite places and a few new ones as well.

First, we checked out the cafe Red Canoe, and I didn’t get anything this time around but the place is so cute! I really want to go back for lunch & coffee.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-06

Next door we got free massages from Zen and the City. Mary & Gary were so sweet. We will definitely be back when their new store opens!

We also visited the adorable Mutt Mart (another place I’ll be back to) and then we checked out the FREE CUPCAKES at Hamilton Bakery. For First Friday you can choose from any of the bakery’s new monthly flavors for free! The cupcakes were so good that we bought a few other things to take home. Everything was fantastic.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-08

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-09

We were beyond ready for dinner at this point so we headed to the staple neighborhood bar Hamilton Tavern. This place has the best burger anywhere in the city but also a wonderful selection of ever-changing menu items that make you want to come back on a daily basis. It’s definitely one of my favorite grub stops anywhere in Baltimore.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-10


Kicking off the weekend was my annual company picnic. It’s a really lovely event and this year we had such amazing weather to enjoy it in.
Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-11

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-12

My first summer snowball!
Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-13

After the picnic, Jason and I took Ellie for a run. I love her new summer collar from Puddle Jumper Pups!

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-14


I was very sleepy but I woke up to this awesome Jason-made breakfast.

Photo Recap WEEK 31MAY2016-15

There was impending rain all day (which didn’t come until late) so we spent most of our time in the house.

That’s all I got! Til next week…

What was the highlight of your week?

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