Weekly Photo Recap: Bowls, Plates and Baskets of Food

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Lindsay

I have to say, I am pretty damn proud of myself for keeping up with my weekly photo recap posts. The recaps have served their initial purpose of getting me back into photography and I am so grateful! I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it was back in my life. I imagine the recaps will become harder to pull off the more I have to do over the next months but hopefully I will keep at it with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Ok so this week I took a lot of food photos. It’s a little repetitive but I love food photos so I’m not going to complain about it. Leggo!


I caught a press screening of The Conjuring 2 and was so happy that it was an enjoyable sequel. I LOVED the first film so it was nice to have equally positive remarks about the follow-up. (Read those thoughts by clicking the links!)

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-02


I briefly tried to take some action shots of the dog on Tuesday and this was my best shot from the bunch:
Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-03

To be fair, I was training her on her STAY and COME commands with treats while also attempting to operate the camera. Next time, I’ll enlist Jason’s help.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-04

After playing with the dog we ate dinner at Hamilton Tavern. Yes, that’s the place I raved about last week. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-05


Jason’s work was nice enough to invite me out to their company outing to an Orioles game at Camden Yards!

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-06

I didn’t eat dinner beforehand so Jason and I checked out our ballpark food options. Loaded Kettle Chips from The Chipper sounded great. Jason wanted a regular but I was hungry so I insisted on a large. Little did I know what that portion size actually meant. This thing was bigger than my head and weighed about the same.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-07


I celebrated my little brother’s High School graduation on Thursday! I’m so proud of him for sticking it out. I took some photos with him but he’d probably die if I posted them here so this is all you get:

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-08

Later in the evening, I attempted to record a podcast with the group but that was derailed (thanks laptop!) Then Jason and I finally booked some upcoming trips! I can’t wait to dish more on them later.


It was fucking beautiful out Friday so I immediately thought about my favorite outdoor restaurant Annabel Lee Tavern. When I pitched the idea to my BFF/mind-reader Jess she freaked as I had beat her to the question minutes before she was about to ask it herself.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-09

Annabel Lee has some of the best duck fat fries in the city! You can’t pass up the opportunity to get them.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-10

I almost always pick out one of the restaurant specials, tonight being no exception to the rule. I got a shrimp scampi dish that was delish.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-11

After dinner we went around the corner for drinks. Jess, Jason and Rob thought they would be cute “modeling” for me.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-12

We popped in to Snake Hill. A great little bar that specializes in freshly grilled sausages. I must go back on an empty stomach.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-13

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-14


We spent a good part of our Saturday looking for a new car for yours truly. Fingers crossed, I’ll be finally driving a car made in this decade soon! We had a late lunch at this ridiculously good Thai food place Mayuree Thai Tavern. Everything we ordered there was flavorful and filling.

Here’s an overview starting with chicken skewers and peanut sauce –

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-15

Jason’s drunken noodles dish was so savory. Phenomenal flavor.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-16

The same could be said about my green curry dish. I told Jason that eating curry puts me in a good mood and he said that’s the spices releasing endorphins. Whatever it is, I’ll take some more.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-17

We also picked up a Thai iced coffee that was so good we had to order another one to go.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-18

Later on Ellie got to swim in Jason’s mom’s pool for the first time this summer! She could barely contain herself when she noticed the pool cover was off. Once unleashed, she BOLTED in. If there is open water around there is no stopping her.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-19

After grilling we had a nice peach & ice cream dessert. So good!

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-20


I was on my A-Game Sunday. I knew we had plans in the evening so I got myself moving early. I decided on recipes, hit up the grocery store and cooked all of Jason & my lunches for the week. I had enough time to take the dog out for another swim before heading out.

We had dinner at the pizza joint Joe Squared and although the restaurant was extremely understaffed and scatter-brained (this was the Power Plant location) the pizza was still tasty.

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-21

After dinner we hurried over to see CHVRCHES perform at Ram’s Head Live. The band was fantastic! The lead singer Lauren has such an amazing voice and stage presence.

That capped off our great weekend. I’ll leave you with this picture of Jason and I trying to take a self-timed photo in the wind:

Weekly Photo Recap WEEK 06JUN2016-22

What was the highlight of your week?

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