Weekly Photo Recap: Random Snapshots and Hart Miller Island State Park

Posted on June 20, 2016 by Lindsay

Alright everybody I’m going to get straight to the point: I didn’t do a great job this week with my recap. For starters, I didn’t have a lot of variation to shoot at the beginning of the week and I didn’t do anything outside the ordinary. I decided to schedule in some photo shoot time for future posts but after review the shots I had take, I realized that something was a bit off with my camera. Despite all of these issues I had a great week! Here’s what I was up to:


Lately I’ve been really into deeps greens and slate blue/grays. Whether it be my clothes or home decor – I want to live in those colors.

WEEK 13JUN2016-04

I spent the evening at the car dealership with no such luck in buying anything. I’m slowly loosing sight of getting a new car and once again browsing Craiglist for conversion vans. My inner Road Trip voice is too strong.


Bean was so cute on Tuesday. I come home everyday on lunch to walk her and normally she is very excited and eager to get going. But sometimes she is still a little sleepy and when I let her out to pee she just lays in the grass and demands belly rubs. This shot is a little over exposed because of the sunlight but she is such a goofball and I love this pose:

WEEK 13JUN2016-02

The bright sun made everything sparkle.

WEEK 13JUN2016-03


I picked up some cold brew coffee cans for on-the-go consumption on hot days. It’s cold in my office so I stick to my french press there but these are so good when I’m running out somewhere in my hot ass car.

WEEK 13JUN2016-01


Another day of the same shit. The only notable deviation was dinner at one of Jason’s fav places El Salto. The dusk lighting was perfect when we left the restaurant and right when we got home there was an awesome summer thunderstorm.

WEEK 13JUN2016-05


I’m just so sorry for this Friday post. Even though I spent the day prepping for camping and eating grill food’s at a friends party I didn’t manage to photograph anything other than myself.

I needed a quick photo of myself for something else I’m working on. Here’s an awkward outtake:

WEEK 13JUN2016-06


Finally something worth talking about! Jason and I decided the night before to take a last minute camping trip to the nearby Hart Miller Island. You can only access it by boat so thankfully our good buddy Nick was able to lend us his canoe.

The morning of we decided to just make it a day trip because we were worried about flipping with our gear since it was Ellie’s first canoe trip. Everything worked out great (no canoe flips!) save for forgetting the sunscreen on the pier.

WEEK 13JUN2016-10

We left early in the morning so we could avoid most of the chop from other boats. It turned out great because we were able to enjoy the beach before many people arrived. It was perfect weather and Ellie had an absolute blast exploring and playing.

WEEK 13JUN2016-07

WEEK 13JUN2016-09

WEEK 13JUN2016-08

One of our favorite parts of the day was utilizing the free bike rental on the island. They had fun beach cruisers available to use so guests can explore the trails that run through the rest of the island. I highly recommend it.

WEEK 13JUN2016-11

I still can’t believe we didn’t flip the canoe once. Ellie was awesome and Jason & I did great working together. We both definitely want to go back to camp sometime soon.


I spent Father’s Day with, you guessed it, my dad. Along with my brother, we had some delicious crabcakes at Box Hill Tavern and took the dogs out for a while. Jason spent his day poolside as it was a hot summer day.

WEEK 13JUN2016-13

This week is stacking up to be a busy one but hopefully I will be creatively inspired. In the upcoming weeks I would like to dedicate some time to some of my other film cameras that have been collecting dust for far too long.

What was the highlight of your week?

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