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Posted on June 21, 2016 by Lindsay

Jason and I have been having a great time growing this new blog. Recently, we decided to change our blog name to Also Coffee to help better reflect the overall theme of the site. In keeping with that spirit, we also cleaned up our social media accounts as well. Here’s a look at the new updates and where you can follow us!


Our biggest social media changes will becoming to our Instagram account. The @alsocoffee account is still active and in use but we have also added personal Instagram accounts into the mix. Jason thought it would be a good idea to keep some of our more personal pics on our own accounts so that we can focus the blog Insta on travel, coffee & donut photos. It’s going to be a little extra work but I thought it was a great idea! One of the coolest new ideas though? Ellie also got her own Instagram account! Yeah, I know it can be a little obnoxious making profiles for pets but we did this so we could focus all of our cute pooch pics in one place. That way you can choose to follow or not depending on what you’re into. Here’s our links:

Also Coffee Blog (@alsocoffee)
Jason (@jasontruluck)
Lindsay (@lindsay_street)
Ellie (@alsoellie)


Our Facebook game isn’t changing very much. We’ve properly linked our accounts so all of the new post updates will be sent to our blog’s Facebook page. Remember to like our page and keep an eye out for updates, special offers and more.

Also Coffee Facebook Page (/alsocoffee)


You may have already noticed that we have a dedicated Twitter account for the blog now! Jason is taking over the Twitter and will be posting more than just blog posts so make sure you follow us on there. You can also follow our individual accounts as well if you feel so inclined.

Also Coffee Blog (@alsocoffee)
Jason (@jtruluck)
Lindsay (@lindsay_street)


I’ve used Pinterest sparingly over the years, mainly to keep track of links and for planning travel itineraries. I’ve cut out the recipes and expanded my travel boards so I could convert the account over to an official Also Coffee Pinterest page. Do me a favor and follow some of my boards. I promise to have a post up soon about all the benefits of Pinterest offers during the trip planning stage. All I want in return is your Pins & follows. Help me out people!!

Also Coffee Blog (/alsocoffee)



Leave us a comment if you’d like to exchange lovely links to follow!

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