Weekly Photo Recap: Nature, Bikes and Washington DC

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Lindsay

I did a much better job with my recap this week. In fact, I think I may have slightly overcompensated. In any event, that means more photos for you to look at.

It was a busy but fun week that FLEW by. I’m getting nervous that the first half of the year is almost over and I still have so much to do! I suppose that’s nothing new though…


Moving on, the week started off hot, bright and sunny. I tried to capture the heat in a selfie with Ellie but this is all I got –

WEEK 20JUN2016-02

I did a not-so-great job planning dinner for the week so Jason and I grabbed sushi (again.) According to these recaps, I eat sushi on a weekly basis. I don’t know what that says about me. Maybe I’ll eventually learn how to properly photograph it.

WEEK 20JUN2016-03


My continued poor planning led me to the grocery store at the crack of dawn to grab some breakfast for the week. It was nice to shop while no one was in the store.

The other day I was just saying how I enjoy the quiet time in the morning, getting stuff done before having to shovel around with everyone else. But apparently I value sleeping in more than being productive. Morning Person Lindsay will have to remain in an alternate universe for the foreseeable future.

WEEK 20JUN2016-04

It was rainy most of the day and I was dreaming about being in a tent again.

WEEK 20JUN2016-05

Later in the day I stopped over my parents’ house. My dad told me to take a few close-ups of some of the flowers in the yard. I still do not know the purpose of this request.

WEEK 20JUN2016-06

It’s always so beautiful on the water after a storm. It made me want to move up the camping trip on Miller’s Island.

WEEK 20JUN2016-07


After work I took Ellie to one of our favorite places to walk, the nearby Marshy Point Nature Center.

The park is very well maintained and almost always quiet. For whatever reason, it’s not usually busy on weeknights. On this particular day, I was the only car in the parking lot. Here’s a few snapshots from around the park (I’ll put out a full photoset post soon-ish.)

WEEK 20JUN2016-08

WEEK 20JUN2016-09

WEEK 20JUN2016-10

Later, Jason and I took Ellie over his mom’s house to grill. Ellie insisted on driving.

WEEK 20JUN2016-11

Random side note: I’m obsessed with her summer collar from Puddle Jumper Pups. I get all of her collars there and I’m always so happy with them.

WEEK 20JUN2016-12


I spent the day at home, catching up on some stuff and enjoying these two.

WEEK 20JUN2016-13


The last Friday of every month is Baltimore Bike Party. What’s that? BBP is a huge bike ride through the city (usually 8-10 miles) that includes riders of all skill sets. It’s a massive group of people and the ride always ends with a fun after party full of music, beer and food trucks. What more could you ask for?

WEEK 20JUN2016-14

We had to miss part of the ride to take care of some lame adult shit so we detoured over to Fells Point to eat a little dinner.

WEEK 20JUN2016-15

We tried out a new place called 8 Ball Meatball and we both loved it.

WEEK 20JUN2016-16

We headed over to the after party and I couldn’t resist trying out the Cuban at the Farm to Charm food truck.

WEEK 20JUN2016-17

Bike Party is the best! If you live in the Baltimore area, mark you calendars for the next ride on July 29th!


Jason, Rob, Jess and I headed down to Washington DC for a little overnight adventure. Our first stop of the day was to Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken.

WEEK 20JUN2016-18

We walked around lovely Georgetown and ate more treats.

WEEK 20JUN2016-19

Like this badass gelato from Dolcezza.

WEEK 20JUN2016-20

For dinner we ate at the amazing Sakuramen Ramen Bar. These loaded buns were so damn good. I did not feel worthy.

WEEK 20JUN2016-21

We had to walk a little food off so we checked out a few book stores in the area ( Idle Time Books + Kramerbooks and Afterwords)

WEEK 20JUN2016-22

Night fell and after admiring the beautiful DC homes for a while it was time to head into a bar before I died of jealousy.

WEEK 20JUN2016-23

We went to a few fantastic bars before heading to Ben’s Chili Bowl for a pre-bed “snack”

WEEK 20JUN2016-24


We grabbed some homemade pop tarts and coffee from Ted’s Bulletin for breakfast.

WEEK 20JUN2016-25

Then we walked around the city and checked out the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. The big cats had the right idea.

WEEK 20JUN2016-26

The last stop before leaving was to grab some lunch from Julia’s Empanadas. They reminded us a lot of the pasties we ate in Bournemouth!

WEEK 20JUN2016-27

I had a blast this weekend and ate so much amazing food! It still feels like my time in the city was too short. Keep an eye out for a full DC recap soon.

Til next time!

What was the highlight of your week?

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