3 Reasons Why You Should Start Rock Climbing Today

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Jason

Rock climbing has turned into something of an obsession for me. I love trying new things so it all started out with the standard “hey this looks cool, let’s go check it out!” Then it quickly turned into an addiction! Rock climbing is a great activity that is suited for all types of people. There are many reasons why you should give it a try but here are some of mine.

#1. It never gets old.

Climbing is an activity that I never get bored of. Going to the gym to run or lift weights feels monotonous to me. But with climbing, there is always something new you can try on a rock wall. Whether it is a new problem, a different feature, or different environment, there are tons of combinations that keep it fresh. Tired of bouldering (short climbs without rope)? Go do some top rope (partner belays climber using rope). Sick of being inside? Go take a hike and find some new problems outside. The possibilities are endless!

#2. Its always a challenge.

This is an extension of number 1. This is a very big reason, at least for me, that climbing never gets old. It challenges me mentally, every problem is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. You can approach things different ways, brute force it until you get the right combination or plan ahead. It also, of course, challenges me physically, I have worked muscles I did not even know I had.

#3. It’s a very social activity…or not.

This is the beauty of it, the community is awesome. If you want to have a great time and meet new people, everyone is always welcoming and won’t hesitate to spend time on a few problems with you. But if you feel like having a day to yourself, you can always pop some headphones in and crank out a few bouldering problems solo. Pretty much works for however you are feeling that day!


These few things really just tip the iceberg, but I hope this gives you a good reason to go climb at some of your own local spots or indoor gym! Remember, all you need is a rock ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever been rock climbing?
Do you want to try it out?

Comment and let me know what you think!



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