Weekly Photo Recap: Sweating in Louisville, KY

Posted on August 31, 2016 by Lindsay

Better than late than never, yeah? I was out of town until Tuesday so I’m behind with my recap but I did take photos all week so I wanted to share them. Here’s what’s been going on lately.


The weather was pretty great on Monday and I was feeling good so Ellie and I headed out to Marshy Point Nature Center after work for a little afternoon hike.



The park was quiet and we were able to see a lot of deer. I didn’t get any photos though – they are quick!


I had a busy day at work on Tuesday and later in the evening Jason and I met our friend at The Bun Shop to go over plans for our upcoming trip. I love this place and it’s now becoming our de facto meeting place.

I picked up a phenomenal curry tart for dinner.


And of course a roti boy with coffee for dessert.



That lovely weather hike on Monday apparently gave me another poison ivy rash on my legs -_-

The mid-week highlight was this new book my dad picked up for my collection.

I’ve been reading a lot about Witchcraft lately, including the history behind witches and religion. It’s fascinating stuff.






POISON IVY IN FULL EFFECT. This time my rash was much much worse. I woke up on fire and decided it would be a good idea to go straight to the doctors. They gave me the usual steroid treatment and thankfully I was allowed to work from home the rest of the day.

All of you out there that have had any type of poison ivy rash know how maddening the itch/pain can be. I was thinking about how I wanted to spend all day in an oatmeal bath but then I came up with a better idea – the pool. I took my breakfast over to Jason’s mom’s and decided to stand in the pool all day.

Apparently when I’m not feeling well I turn into the most basic white girl of all time.


Honestly though, this was the best idea. I had to shoo Ellie away from the laptop a few times so she didn’t get it wet but other than that the day went great. My legs felt good in the chlorine and it really helped me focus!



I made it through most of the day at work Friday before my legs started to bother me. I left a little early and went back for another round of pool therapy. I could tell that the chlorine and sun were helping a bit to sooth and dry the rash.

I had my Polaroid camera with me so I took a few pics of Ellie in the beautiful sunny weather.



On a random side note, Jason and I noticed these little white hairs on Ellie’s chin coming in. Grandma Bean.



Jason and I woke up before sunrise to meet Jess & Rob for a flight out to Louisville, KY. We had picked the destination at random a few months ago and were looking forward to the trip. I was mainly nervous about how I could hold off the rash but I packed a large arsenal of creams to fight it off. It did bother my a lot the first night we were there but it was much more manageable by the end of the trip.

Anyway – bright and early we said hello to Louisville!


Our first stop was to Toast on Market for a tasty Lemon SoufflΓ© pancake breakfast.


Afterwards we walked around the city for a bit to check out the sights on the streets.


We popped in Caufield’s Novelty shop and perused the crazy amount of Halloween costumes and decor.


We had a scheduled a midday distillery tour at Kentucky Peerless. The tour was full of history and really informative. At the end, we got to taste test a bunch of their flavored moonshine.




We walked over the the Downtown Waterfront Park after the tour to catch some of the Red Bull Flugtag festival (I’ll post more on that later.) Then we headed over to our adorable Airbnb*.

We were half tempted to stay in and hang out on this awesome deck for the rest of the trip!


Also, this was my first trip using my newly purchased weekender bag. It’s so classy, I love it.


After we settled in, we were starting to get pretty hungry. For dinner, we decided on The Silver Dollar – located in a converted firehouse, the modern-honky tonk bar serves up plates of food fit for your caveman craving.

This is a HALF RACK of ribs.


We went back towards our Airbnb on Bardstown street because there were a number of bars we were planning to check out. We noticed a lot of people dressed in zombie makeup and thought that maybe there was Zombie Bar Crawl going on. It turns out that it was actually the annual Louisville Zombie Walk. Over 35,000 people came out dressed up and partied along all of Bardstown street! It was pretty incredible and completely unexpected but it certainly made our night out a lot more interesting.



More on the bars we visited and Zombie walk in an upcoming post!


The next morning we were really excited to check out a breakfast spot we had read a lot about – Gralehaus. The restaruant actually doubles as a “Bed & Beverage” offering up guest rooms to rent out!

We all ordered something different for breakfast and thankfully all of the food lived up to the hype.

Jason went with the black pepper biscuit with duck sausage gravy.


And I tried the amazing French Toast. I can’t recommend Gralehaus enough.


For our second cup of coffee we headed over to Quills coffee. I decided to try out one of their signature drinks, the cafe miele, and it turned out to be one of the best specialty coffee drinks I’ve tried in some time. A bit of honey and cinnamon combined together for the perfect smooth brew. Again, highly recommend.


Eventually we made it back over to the Waterfront Park. We wanted to bike the The Big Four Bridge which connects to Jeffersonville, Indiana over the Ohio River. Thankfully we decided to do this in the peak 100 degree heat! Brilliant idea.

We did have some beautiful views on the water though.



We had read that you could check out some of the best views of the Louisville skyline while eating tasty ice cream at The Widow’s Walk Ice Creamery.


It was a hot ride over but totally worth it. The staff was so friendly and yeah those views, they weren’t so bad either.



After the bike ride we cooled off and ate dinner. Later that night, we went out to a few more bars including Garage Bar – a hip, converted gas station.



We had a few more drinks after that before heading back in for the night. We had a whole day in town on Monday so I’ll post more photos in next week’s recap.

What was the highlight of your week?

*If you’re interested in checking out Airbnb,
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