Weekly Photo Recap: Little Surprises

Posted on September 6, 2016 by Lindsay

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to since the last Weekly Photo Recap.


Our last day in Louisville started with my favorite morning treats – donuts from Nord’s Bakery! Just look at this adorable wall art outside the building 🙂


After breakfast, we headed over to the 21c Hotel. The hotel doubles as an incredible modern art museum that is free to the public! I loved the art collection featuring all types of pieces including sculptures, visual art installations and interactive canvas.



The popular bar & restaurant Proof on Main is actually attached to the hotel/museum. We didn’t eat there but I explored with my camera.


Nearby was the Louisville Slugger museum – possibly the city’s biggest tourist draw. We took the paid tour and checked out the neat history behind the popular product.


We weren’t sure where to eat after the tour but happened upon the Mussel & Burger Bar next to the hotel.


Everyone ordered burgers and I have to say, the food far exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best I’d ever had!


After we filled up, there was only one other place we wanted to check off our list – the Please & Thank You coffee shop. I tried out one of their locally lauded chocolate chip cookies. Not sure of exactly what it’s up against but it is a pretty tasty cookie.


Shortly after our iced coffee cups emptied we made our way back to the airport and said goodbye to Kentucky!


When I came home after work on Tuesday I was treated to an awesome surprise. I recently ordered a few merch products I designed for this blog including a cute bandanna for Ellie. It came separate from the rest of the order and earlier than I was expecting. Mini photo shoot ensued.




I’ll have a post out soon about the rest of the products with a link to our store!


I struggled to play catch-up mid week. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but I did take the briefest of moments to watch the sunset. We’ve been treated to beautiful skies this past summer and the weather over the past week has me dreaming of Fall temps.




Jason and I had been going back and forth over the course of the week trying to decide where to go for the upcoming three day weekend. I was still a little uneasy thanks to my recovering poison ivy but we were looking forward to some form of camping. Unfortunately, water-dog Ellie had gotten an ear infection and had to go to the vet. She’s much peppier now but we figured it was probably a good sign to just take it easy.




We spent the evening at our friends house, chatting around the bonfire. The weather was perfect and I’ll admit that it felt good to slow down for the first time in weeks.



Jason and I joined his sister for her Birthday brunch at Lib’s Grill. I ordered their version of a croque madame which is described as “french toast sandwich, ham, cheese, sunny side up egg, tater tots.” I liked it!


After spending most of the day running errands, we met up with friends for dinner and drinks before heading home to watch some TV.



We went home a little earlier the night before because Jason wasn’t feeling too hot. It turned out that he was developing a nasty little cold so we stayed home for the rest of the weekend. I was productive although I would have liked to accomplish more blog-wise. I did go crazy meal-planning though and made not only lunches for the rest of the week but also dinner. Yeah – lunch and dinner set for the rest of the week! I’ll take that win!



There’s a lot I’d like to get done in the upcoming weeks so here’s to staying motivated!

What was the highlight of your week?

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