Weekly Photo Recap: New Challenges

Posted on September 12, 2016 by Lindsay

Changes are afoot! Let’s talk about the current and future status of the Weekly Photo Recap feature here on Also Coffee.

Some of you may recall from last week’s recap that Jason was feeling pretty lousy. Well surprise, surprise – guess who else contracted the bug? If I’m being perfectly frank here, last week was just awful. Both of us were sick (I’m still getting rid of whatever it is) and the illness was compounded by some bad personal news. (We are fine but we would like to keep the personal hardship just that – personal.)

But we go on to experience another week and live life to the fullest, right? I don’t have a full recap to share this week but I decided on some exciting challenges for the future.

Since this post series is all about pushing me and my photography, I decided to take on a more specifically focused structure of photography exercises. In two weeks, I’ll start a 30-Day photo challenge that works on a new skill each day. I’ve already been doing a lot of research for the challenge but I’m going to take a week off from recaps so I can put together solid plan to share here. I’m excited about it.

If you’re still reading then good for you! I have no prizes or rewards other than a few measly photos I snapped last week. Here you go:


The week started off so promising. I found this new bookmark and everything!


Actually, the donut may have been what did me in. Jason and I shared donuts early in the week and it may have been the culprit for germ exchange. It was probably just the fact that we live, sleep and eat together in the same germ-infested house but you know, it could have been this hyper-specific incident.

Another huge high point of the week was that I did all that meal planning! We didn’t have to worry about running to the store or ordering food. These buffalo chicken wraps turned out pretty good!


Unfortunately, once the cold kicked in I was on a steady dose of cough drops + ice cream. I guess it certainly could have been worse. I still tried to take a few pictures for the first few days before ultimately abdicating my photo recap duties.



On a semi-serious tip, Ricola’s are delightful cough drops. Like, right under sherbet on the list of delicious things to consume while sick.



Anyway, I’ve been coughing and sneezing my brains out but my head isn’t pounding today so I’ll take it! I’m looking forward to being more aware of my surroundings this next week, especially considering I’ve finished binge-watching so many TV shows that I have no one to talk about with. I can tell Jason is getting How To Get Away With Murder episode-recap-fatigue.

What was the highlight of your week?

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