Mugs & More – Hey Pumpkin

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Lindsay

I hope everyone is having a great Fall so far! It’s time for another Mugs & More post. Keep reading to see what fun stuff I’ll be sharing this week.

Anyone love coffee mugs? Anyone? Take a look at the latest collection.


use them for your Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

pumpkin-spiceIf you’re obsessed with Pumpkin Spiced Lattes as much as apparently everyone else on the planet is, make sure you check out this beautifully designed mug from Cami Monet. If you find yourself falling in love, use the code BONFIRE at checkout to get an additional 10% off! [ Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Mug ]

pumpkin-spice-2 I am a huge fan of these grainy campfire mugs. Click the link to check out a handful of lovely designs. [ Fall Campfire Mugs ]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA If you and a friend are looking for matching pumpkin mugs then your search stops here. [ Pair of Hand Painted Pumpkin Mugs ]

happy-pumpkinStill in the mood for Halloween swag? Pick up this adorable happy pumpkin coffee cup. [ Cute Pumpkin Mug ]

folk-pumpkin If you’re interested in something more seasonal and folksy, check out this fantastic hand-crafted creation. [ Pumpkin Mug ]


stuff you probably don’t need but you know, treat yo self!

pie-lollipops-pumpkin-pie-horzThere would be no point to a pumpkin-themed post if I didn’t include a few tasty edibles. These pie-pops come in three awesome flavors: (1) graham cracker crust; and salted caramel-flavored pumpkin pie; (2) s’mores pie made with marshmallows & milk chocolate, and (3) apple pie made with real bits of dried apple, a salted caramel filling, and a lattice top pie crust. Made by hand in the USA. [ Pie Lollipops ]

pumpkin-spice-candle You know you pumpkin freaks want your whole house smelling like the things. [ Pumpkin Spice Pure Soy Candle ]

lesters-sodas-flavors Oh, that’s not enough? You need to DRINK your pumpkins too?? Lester’s weird soda flavors have you covered. [ Lester’s Fixins Food Sodas ]

Whether you have a budding sticker collection or just need some pumpkin pizzazz in your life, these stickers from Redbubble are perfect. You can take a look at the individual sticker with these links: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]

Last but not least, my favorite inclusion this week: macarons. Someone get these now and then just send them directly to my house. Thanks. [ Pumpkin Spice French Macarons ]

Click here for other fun finds!


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