Mugs & More: Mad About Plaid

Posted on December 2, 2016 by Lindsay

Anyone else obsessed with plaid to an unhealthy degree? No? Just me? Cool. Here’s a look at all of the great stuff I’ll be sharing this week.

Mugs & More is just a fun way to share cool coffee mugs and other cute stuff I find around the web. The theme this week? PLAID


use them for your cozy hot chocolate

plaid-4 This is a great set with a unique color/pattern combo.
[ 4 Vintage Lillian Vernon Plaid Coffee Mugs ]

plaid-2-tartan A perfect pairing for you and your plaid-loving friend. Or just someone you’re imposing your weird plaid obsession on.
[ Dunoon Ceramics Scotland Royal Stewart Tartan Plaid Coffee Mugs ]

plaid-funky Switching it up to this funkier plaid stoneware mug. Beautiful.
[ Vintage 1976 Suntrails Stoneware Plaid Mug ]

plaid-mismatch-duo A perfectly mismatched plaid duo set.
[ 2 Royal Stewart MacDonald Plaid Mugs ]

plaid-travel-mig I’m trying to convince myself that I do not actually need this Tartan travel mug but like, it has a LID. That seems important.
[ Mud Pie Plaid Travel Mug with Lid ]



picnic-basket This would be solely a novelty purchase (which isn’t really a problem for Hipsters) but that doesn’t make it any less lovely.
[ Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket / Blue Plaid Cotton Lining ]

plaid-thermos-picnic-set I’m dying to buy one of these sets. Love the thermos, the bag – the whole set is damn cute.
[ Vintage Plaid Thermos Picnic Set With Carry Bag ]

plaid-wool-blanket In case you missed it, I collect plaid blankets.
[ Vintage Plaid Wool Blanket ]

plaid-percolator This singular Etsy item sums up my home design taste pretty well.
[ Vintage Coffee Percolator with Cups and Plaid Carrying Bag ]

plaid-wrapping-paper2-horz I’ve wrapped all of my presents with brown craft paper since I was in High School but I’m down with this plaid paper. Classic choice.
[ Lumberjack Plaid Wrapping Paper ]

Stop by every Friday for more mugs and other fun finds!

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