Donut Time: Nord’s Bakery in Louisville, KY

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Lindsay

We’re back once again with our ongoing feature where we profile donut shops from all around the globe. Check out the Nord’s Bakery in Louisville, KY and then read more posts about donuts here.

Say hi to Nord’s Bakery in Louisville, Kentucky!


First things first, Nord’s has the most adorable wall art outside their shop. I like this artistic rendering of the inside of the shop.


But is there anything cuter than this little mural dedicated to their famous Maple Bacon donut?


The shop’s interior has a very down-home feel, like it’s been an institution in the neighborhood for some time (although the bakery is new-ish, opening in 2002.) No hipster signage here. Instead you’ll find a glass counter of baked goods, a seating are filled with wire-backed chairs and shelves adorned with kitschy decor.



Real talk though, who gives a shit what the place looks like as long as the donuts are good. And they are delicious.

We ordered a dozen to share between the four of us. Here’s a glimpse at our spread:



We actually picked up the last maple bacon donut they had (which I think is why it looks a little dried out) but it was still pretty good.


We also grabbed coffee from Sunergos Coffee which was located right next door to Nord’s. I want to give a special shout out to this spot because not only was the coffee good but they had the nicest staff on the planet. You go Sunergos.


Where do you go for donuts in Louisville?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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