Weekly Photo Recap: Another Year Down

Posted on January 9, 2017 by Lindsay

I can’t believe how far into 2017 it is already! AHHH!! I took photos last week, just as I promised myself, and I’m already feeling great about documenting this new year. Take a look.



I was inside most of the day but did manage to take a few outside snapshots:

I spent the day editing photos from the weekend – here’s some gifs:

If you missed them, the rest are here.


Back to work! I wasn’t fully ready for the grind. Definitely had a rough time getting back on schedule. The best part of the day was when Jason texted “pick up some fat steaks for dinner tonight!” Jason is a great cook and makes a perfect steak, mmmmm.

I don’t have any pics of the final product because I ate it.


Jason’s birthday! We basically hung in that night and relaxed.

Earlier in the day, I worked on my next photography challenge which was Texture. Expect a full post later this week.


I bought a new lens for my dslr. It’s a 35mm lens so it limits my range and helps me focus a lot more on composition. So far I love it! It is definitely challenging but it does force me to pay attention when I’m shooting. These are the first photos I took with it (using my favorite subject, of course.)


A group of us got together to celebrate Jason’s birthday! We went out to dinner, had a few (too many) drinks and stayed out late. Here’s a shot of the group at Das Bier Haus – Prost!


The late night prior did nothing to help me get back on a normal sleep schedule. I slept in too late and the day turned to liquid. I finished editing some photos, went to Bukwas Brewing Winter Beer party and out for some Korean BBQ at Joung Kak then sushi at XS.

Also it snowed more and was freezing.


Busy day. Besides the regular household chores, I had to go grocery shopping and do meal prep for the week. I’m getting pretty good at it time-wise (I finished in about an hour and a half.) Then I still had to edit photos and work on other to-do list items. All in all I finished up a lot of what I needed to get done, so I can’t complain.

I also watched the Golden Globes which were boring per usual.

What was the highlight of your week?

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