Weekly Photo Recap: Old Favorites

Posted on January 16, 2017 by Lindsay

I think about this often but I still can’t get over how quickly time moves. This month is half over and I feel like I’ve just started. It’s all perspective I’m sure but troubling nonetheless. Here’s a quick recap from last week.



A fairly typical start of the week – a rough morning, busy workload and a night in. I was committed to keep my promise of routine so I made sure to bust out the old DDR mat. I honestly love it so much. I felt like I was 13 at the arcade except now I had unlimited funds to play whatever I wanted. I ended up playing for well over an hour that night.


Besides my sleep schedule not cooperating with my body, I did keep up all the same promises. I was hoping that exercising each day would help me sleep but it just wasn’t happening. Hopefully, next week will look better.

One a completely unnecessary tangent, I picked up some great wool socks at Marshall’s. I’ve been slowly turning my whole wardrobe into wool aka the best fabric. Most people associate wool with colder temps but it is actually great for all seasons – it’s moisture wicking, mold resistant, durable, flexible and even fire resistant! It is far and away the best travel fabric.


In the evening, Jason and I met up with his family for a little birthday dinner at Snake Hill. I forgot my camera but did steal a few photos from Jason’s phone. Later on I went back home for some DDR but Jason was able to go rock climbing for the first time since his shoulder injury!


One of my only souvenirs from Japan was this adorable donut making kit. I attempted to make it but found myself needing a lot more time to accurately work out the translations (google translate isn’t 100%.) Edit: Just googled it and found English instructions in like 3 seconds. Will revisit this project shortly.


Friday night was all over the place. I ended up staying at work late (which I basically did all week) and then needed to head to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Jason was set to go climbing so I ended up deciding to have a night in for myself. I was feeling impulsive and fed up with my current hair so I figured I’d pick some stuff up to dye it. I watched a few youtube clips and determined I might as well cut it myself too. I went very dark but used a semi-permanent dye so it will only last a few weeks. I’m definitely happy with the end result so I may end up dying it again!

I ended up cutting my bangs short (they grow like weeds) which made the overall cut turn out very Mia Wallace. I am okay with that.


It was finally time for another lip sync karaoke party! We started hosting the parties thanks to the inspiration of John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon but I’ve been lip sync serenading people for as long as I can remember.

For the first time ever, everyone performed a song! I’d say the night was a great success except for the impromptu pizza and junk food.


I had something to do every second of the day. But first, coffee.

We slept in late so I only had a little bit of time to edit some photos and work before getting ready and taking the dog out. We headed over to Jason’s mom’s house and Jason got to ride his bike again for the first time since his shoulder incident (a week of firsts!) Afterwards we came home, made dinner and finished meal prep for the week. Then I recorded the podcast with the gang and only had a few hours of the day left to finish up some work. Whew!

What was the highlight of your week?

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