Weekly Photo Recap: Among the Fog

Posted on January 23, 2017 by Lindsay

Last week was pretty shitty for me. Anyone else sick of the figurative and literal fog? Still, the recaps must go on.



I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the week so I spent most of the day in bed. My girl was being a pro-cuddler.


I probably should have decided to stay in bed all week but alas I had to get back to work. Jason requested we make a deep dish pizza in the cast iron for dinner so I wasn’t gonna argue with that. I ended up taking a lot of photos only by cell phone. Shame on me.


Did I mention how bad my work week was? I was managing two big projects – one at the end and one at the beginning. Between the two, I was working on something every day of the week, even at home after hours. I was completely stressed out and could not sleep. Weeks like this are rare so I hate to complain but yeah, not fun.

I think I managed to find 10 minutes at the end of the evening on Wednesday to work on some posts. Then I remembered “Oh shit, I need to take a photo.”


The pinnacle of my stress. I snapped two photos – one of these doodles on my bulletin board at work:

And one of the latest addition to our photos at home.


I could not have been happier to leave work on Friday. I spent the evening at Jess + Rob’s house where they made us a delicious home cooked meal. Later, we went to check out Split in theaters and COME ON THAT ENDING, AMIRIGHT??

I was envious of Jess’ Knits, Soy & Metal candle. I’ll have to make my way over to the shop one day.


The fog continued to linger all day long. I like it aesthetically but it doesn’t do my sleep schedule any favors.

In the evening, I took Ellie out for a walk with my parents dog Cosmo and his new puppy. They did great on their walk together so I’m excited to have the three amigos hanging out together.


Typical busy Sunday. Started my morning off by guesting on the Lambcast podcast, then finished grocery shopping for meal prep. Successfully whipped up the next week’s lunches, finished a few loads of laundry and even managed to sneak in movie.

Jason also cooked amazing burgers but once again, I ate them before remembering to take a picture. Aftermath:

What was the highlight of your week?

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