PHOTOS: Hiking & Biking at Patapsco Valley State Park in Ellicott City, MD

Posted on January 26, 2017 by Jason

Over this past summer we spent an awesome day in Patapsco State Park with our good pals Jess and Rob. Patapsco is easily one of my favorite spots to mountain bike and all in all a great hiking spot. Take a gander at some of the nature below (I swear I did not ask Lindsay to take so many “looking off into the distance” pics of me :-D).

The park itself is a whopping 14,000 acres that spans along the Patapsco river giving way to some really cool views and great hiking and biking trails. There are plenty of large hills that lead down into the valley where the river runs, offering a few challenging climbs/hikes up with rewarding descents. There is pretty much something for everyone here which makes it a great place to hang out. In the main area of the park, there are nice picnic areas and barbecue sites where you could have an event or party. Ellie has a blast chasing me on my bike and since the area is so large, its pretty easy to get lost. But that has never been much of a problem because its always fun to explore!


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