Mugs & More: Whiteout

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Lindsay

This next installment of Mugs & More focuses on the color white. Keep reading to see what fun stuff I’ll be sharing this week.

Mugs & More is just a fun way to share cool coffee mugs and other cute stuff I find around the web. The theme this week? WHITE


use them for contrast

These are pricey but I love them so much. [ Modern ceramic espresso cup ]

A dreamy Danish pairing. [ Set of 2 Dansk Tapestries Winter White Cup And Saucers ]

Yes, yes and yes. [ Vintage Japanese Coffee Cups, Black & White, Geometric ]

Not my usual style but very pretty. [ Handmade Studio Pottery Mug Winter White ]

Such a splendid set. Very elegant. [ Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Mugs // Set of 4 // Made in England ]


it’s okay to be a Plain Jane

Are we officially keeping track of the wool blankets? [ Vintage Wool Throw ]

I’m also really into old kitchen canister sets. These minimalist beauties are in great shape. [ black and white coffee, tea and sugar canisters, never used ]

This just looks like it smells good. Is that a thing? [ white grapefruit wooden wick candle ]

I’ve been writing with pencils a lot lately which is a little weird considering I used to hate them in high school. They say your taste buds change every 7 years or so, maybe the same goes for choice of writing utensils. [ LIKE A BOSS – White and Gold printed pencil set ]

I’m sure these could be a very simple DIY project but if we are being real here, it’s a Pinterest fail in the making (#nailedit) [ White Dino Planters ]

Stop by every Friday for more mugs and other fun finds!

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