Coffee Break: Tryst in Washington DC

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Lindsay

Here’s the latest installment of our regular feature profiling our favorite coffee shops. Take a look at the Tryst coffeehouse in Washington DC and then check out more Coffee Break posts.

Say hello to Tryst
in Washington DC!

Tryst coffeehouse is located in the popular DC neighborhood Adams Morgan – a hub for great food, nightlife and bars. The cafe specializes in coffee and cocktails but is also well known for its brunch and sandwich options.

For me, the best part about Tryst is the location itself. It’s very large and open and populated by a diverse range of people. It feels very representative of DC or more specifically Adams Morgan. It’s both a local hangout and a foodie destination.

On our last weekend trip to DC we actually ended up stopping at Tryst twice. The first time I enjoyed a basic cup of coffee and then on the day before we left I tried a very tasty frozen frappe.

Be sure to make an effort to check out Tryst if you find yourself in the Nation’s Capital.

What are your favorite coffee spots in DC?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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  • Peter May 31, 2017 at 8:13 am

    I just recently discovered this place while reading an article about best bars in Washington to meet singles and out of sheer curiosity I decided to make a visit. And long story short – I was hooked right away by the overall concept of this place. Good food and great atmosphere of this place made me regret that I didn’t discover it sooner. But now it’s my go-to place when I want to have some fun in Washington. Thumbs up for Tryst, you should definitely check it out.


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