Mugs & More: Happy Birthday!

Posted on February 3, 2017 by Lindsay

My birthday is next week so I decided to show off some cool b-day mugs. Keep reading to see what fun stuff I’ll be sharing this week.

Mugs & More is just a fun way to share cool coffee mugs and other cute stuff I find around the web. The theme this week? HAPPY BIRTHDAY


use them to bake a mug cake

For all my fellow Aquarius’ out there. [ Vintage Aquarius Mug – Celestial – 1970’s Smug Mugs ]

I don’t really know what it means to have a “Rainbow Birthday” but I’m ready! [ Vintage Russ “Have a Rainbow Birthday” Mug ]

This colorful B-day set is my fav of the bunch. [ Happy Birthday Mugs Rainbow Colors ]

These adorable cupcake coffee mugs are made to order! [ Cupcake – Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid ]

It’s birthday ‘o clock somewhere. [ I Eat Cake Because It’s Somebody’s Birthday Somewhere Mug ]


it’s your party so you’ll buy if you want to

Pretty cool customizable wrapping paper! [ Custom Name Colorful Birthday Balloons Wrapping Paper ]

Just a friendly reminder of your mortality! [ SH*T UR OLD CANDLES ]

If you’re looking for a happier birthday message. [ LED HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANNER ]

Just in case you forget to buy a cake. [ 1 MINUTE MICROWAVABLE BIRTHDAY CAKE ]

And of course, it’s always good to have a set of cards on hand. [ Assorted Birthday Cards ]

Stop by every Friday for more mugs and other fun finds!

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