Hanging Out in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Posted on February 8, 2017 by Lindsay

Last Summer, we made a few day trips to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to hike, swim and eat some ice cream. Take a look at everything Harpers Ferry has to offer.

Harpers Ferry is a National Park site and town situated betwixt the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers. The area is a popular spot known for water sports, hiking trails and its historic town district. We visited the park on two separate occasions; the first trip was spent hiking and visiting the town and the second time we spent the day floating down the river in tubes.

Here’s a few photos and details from our trips:


On our first trip out, we arrived early and caught the morning fog rolling through the mountain hills.

By midday, the sun had taken hold and the only reprieve we would get from the heat came courtesy of the the splashing river trails.

Jason likes to dunk his head in the river to cool off.

Further along the river you can spot dozens of canoes and tubes navigating the waters.

We hiked up the railroad bridge and into town.

Next, it was time for a little lunch and an icy sweet treat.

On our second trip to Harpers Ferry, we spent the day relaxing and tubing down the river. Ellie came with us and spent all day swimming, playing fetch and eating jerky!

Have you ever been to Harpers Ferry?

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