Weekly Photo Recap: Recovery

Posted on February 20, 2017 by Lindsay

This past week started off in the swamp before incrementally getting better with each passing day.



I’m still not sure what happened or what caused my illness, but I could barely move all day. I don’t think it was food poisoning because I’ve been feeling residual effects throughout the week. I want to watch what I eat this week and see if that helps me feel better.

Clearly, I did not take any photos on Monday but Jason apparently snapped this before leaving for work.


I still felt crappy in the morning so it took me a little while before I made it into work. I think Ellie could tell I wasn’t feeling well and was encouraging me to stay in bed.


I finally had an appetite again and felt better about waking up for work.

This photo of the car defrosting has been included for juxtaposition (see Saturday).

A day late but Happy Valentine’s day to me. The brownie batter heart donut is easily my biggest guilty pleasure sweet treat.


In the evening, I finally started to pull together my clothes for my capsule wardrobe. I still have a little more fine tuning to do but I was able to take some miscellaneous photos for an upcoming post.


Work had been rough for me all week. I was behind on everything and really struggling with my motivation levels. I literally had papers scattered onto the floor by lunch time. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to start.

On my way home, I remembered that I had gotten a slip on my door to sign for a package at the post office. I was so excited to get an awesome birthday gift from Jay + Aisha! They picked me up some coffee that seems right up my alley 😉 I can’t wait to try it.

Later in the evening, we went to dinner at Clementine (so glad it’s back) and caught a late show of John Wick 2. I really dig the series and I would be content to watch Reeves kick ass until he’s 90.


Jason and I woke up early to help his mom move some stuff to the dump. I had the better end of the deal as I was on Ellie duty.

It was in the 70s on Saturday which is unheard of for February in Baltimore. Ellie was so happy to kick it in the sunshine.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the day started off with some delicious donuts. This was round 2.

At night, we met up downtown to celebrate a friend’s birthday. To avoid Uber surge pricing at the end of the night, we walked around Fells Point and Cantor for a bit until the price went back down. It was beautiful outside so why not.


We spent the day back at Loch Raven Reservoir, hiking and biking.

Ellie really enjoys running alongside Jason on his mountain bike. She’s been getting better and better with each outing.

Jason’s favorite sticker. It was really my sticker first but he fought hard for it and won.

Getting outside always makes me feel better and keeps me motivated. I’m thankful for the great weather and even better company.

What was the highlight of your week?

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