Weekly Photo Recap: Dogs Rule

Posted on March 6, 2017 by Lindsay

A week full of to-do list tasks and doggie hang out sessions. I prefer the latter.



This photo should give you an idea of my typical Monday morning. These two are begging me to join them for snuggles but I must leave them to spend 8 hours under fluorescent lighting. Life is so cruel sometimes.

Basically this was my mood all day:


The theme of this week was household chores. I had a hefty list of stuff to go through room-by-room, including a few quick and cheap DIYs. Since we still haven’t made up our minds about our housing situation, I wanted to make our current place a bit more livable. For about $20 and an hour of my time, I updated the kitchen backslash and counter tops. Not bad!

For dinner, we ate delicious tacos featuring Jason’s famous guacamole.


We picked up some Baltimore Coffee at the grocery store for the week. I never tried it before but it’s not bad.

After work, Ellie’s besties came over for a walk and to congregate under my desk.


We had planned earlier in the week to head over to IKEA for a few things. Even though I had 3 days to plan out exactly what I needed to pick up at the store, we still managed to spend the majority of the evening roaming the aisles. It’s exhausting. I think the cheap cinnamon buns are basically a courtesy for weary shoppers.


TGIF. That’s all I gotta say.

When I got off work, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had received a nice gift in the mail from one of my FTS affiliates, Comet TV!

Later, we joined Jess + Rob at Libertore’s for drinks and pasta. We finished the night back at our house watching Starship Troopers.


We got working on our house projects early Saturday. Ellie was a lot more optimistic about putting together this cabinet than I was.

I had some chicken curry for dinner and afterwards a group of us went out to the theater to see Logan. I highly recommend it.


Another early start. I picked up some Fruit Loops for the first time in forever and hot damn, it was a dangerous choice. I may have ate three bowls throughout the day.

Since I had a bunch of organizing to do, I asked my parents if their dogs could come hang out with Ellie for the day. They had the best time playing ALL DAY and it was such a treat to have them over. I love watching them play together (I can’t wait to get another pooch someday!) Ellie loves playing with Luna and trying to match her puppy energy.

She is getting so good with sharing her toys and spots in the house. She was totally cool with letting the other dogs eat on her bones and didn’t bat an eye when Luna took over her favorite chair.

It felt good to get some organizing done but I’d much rather spend my day watching the dogs play tug-o-war in the yard. Dogs rule.

What was the highlight of your week?

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