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Posted on March 13, 2017 by Lindsay

Another week down and another photo recap under my belt. Here’s a look at this past week.



I’m starting to run out of things to say about Mondays. Every morning I’m tired and immediately disenchanted with the idea that the rest of my work week will feel any different. Basically, I’m a tired cliche, a grumpy cat poster with the words “MONDAYS SUCK!” plastered across it. What I need to do is develop some sort of weekly tradition, some type of treat I can partake in every Monday morning to try and trick myself into more positive thinking. Let me know if you have any ideas on that.

Moving on. After work, I finally put together this little DIY side table I was looking forward to making. I used a cheap stool base and a piece of live edge to create a wood look side table for my bed. I think it looks pretty cute!

I finished organizing ALL of my filing (Jason still has some to do *coughcough*) and I found my favorite magnet in the process.

One of Jason’s big projects these past few weeks has been putting together a home media server for us. We now have all of our movies on the server and can easily access them at anytime! Ellie took control of movie selection for the evening. She went with Sherlock Holmes but totally fell asleep half-way through.


Since Jason has been taking me to work in the mornings, I’ve been waking up a smidgen earlier to make coffee at the house before we leave. I almost completely forgot that Jason and I added these little led lights to our coffee bar cart (formally a hot plate serving cart.)

I found out via GrubHub that I can get some decent sushi delivered to my work for lunch. RIP wallet.

Along with organization, one big thing I’ve been working through recently is making my current living situation feel more like a home. Jason and I have a bad habit of waiting to do things that could potentially make our daily lives more enjoyable. We put off getting a new mattress, kitchen equipment and even booking trips because we were going to wait until we moved. After dealing with over a year of housing woes, we finally decided to stop waiting. Our new mattress feels 1000x better on my back, the new kitchen stuff means we actually feel like cooking now and we got an amazing deal on our spontaneous trip to Japan. Our new thought process is to forget about waiting and just do it. Now we look for the furniture we’ve always wanted and keep our eyes peeled for every trip opportunity. We’re both a lot happier when we focus on being happy in the present instead of idealizing the unforeseen future.

In an effort to promote this “happiness in the present” idea, here’s a few elements around our townhouse that I actually quite like. For example…

Our coffee cart! It’s not styled perfectly but it was a cool piece we found a while back and both spent time refinishing it. It’s functional and full of stuff I love.

Basically everything is thrifted here minus the log pillow (which I actually bought for a Log Lady Halloween costume that never materialized.) If you haven’t caught on, I have a bit of an obsession with plaid blankets for reasons unbeknownst even to myself. I also really dig this retro plaid cooler that I use to store dog food.

I recently added a plaid blanket to Bean’s bed so now it’s perfect.

It’s difficult to hang art in our townhouse because most of the walls are concrete or plaster (which sucks BTW because I have a lot of art currently collecting dust) but I think this small Clue print fits great next to this bathroom candle.


Continuing in my DIY chronicles, I covered a few my cheap stools in some plaid fabric for additional seating options if we ever need it.

The best part of my night was hanging out with the Three Musketeers. These are my BEST attempts to have them all sit for a photo together.

Their album drops May 16th.


Thursday was just one of those busy days that seemed to drag on and I never found myself reaching for the camera. When we finally got into bed at night, I snapped this picture of my two favorite creatures. They are always the brightest spot of my day and I am so immensely thankful that I get to share my life with them.


The first pick me up of the day was when I spotted that these awesome stickers had arrived in my mailbox! (You can buy one here.)

We met at Jess + Rob’s house for dinner and what is quickly turning into our Friday night rant session. They made us some bomb fish tacos and we drank a bunch of beer and talked all night. It was the best.


Because we’ve been doing such a bush league job at meal planning (and spoiler alert: failed to do so again this weekend) we have no food at the house. Oh well, I guess we have to go get breakfast at Jad’s.

I went to a few stores after breakfast and had a few successful finds including this cute mid century sewing table. It needs a bit of work to look snazzy again but I’m excited to find a cool use for it.

At night we went to HomeSlyce to celebrate our friend Julia’s birthday! It was karaoke night which is basically my personal nightmare (do you think Freddy Mercury would have reconsidered his entire career if he knew so many people would want to sing Queen songs for Kareoke?) BUT I had SOOO much fun watching everyone get drunk and perform.

Julia and Shaun are seriously the cutest.

Okay, so are my BFFs.

I think the birthday girl had a good time. #SpiceUpYourLife


I had a comical movie hangover all morning (why is it so bright in the house? why are you cooking so loud? turn the TV down and get me the aspirin) so I lounged around longer than usual. Oh and Daylight Savings happened, almost forgot about that nonsense.

Eventually, I got around to doing a bit of work and then took Ellie out with her dog squad. Jason and I picked up some dinner from Bombay Nights and settled in for a movie – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which Ellie also fell asleep on.

What was the highlight of your week?

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