My Weekend with The Baltimore Baton – Day 1

Posted on March 30, 2017 by Lindsay

If you missed my last weekly photo recap, then you may have missed a cool announcement. Last weekend I trekked all around Baltimore snapping photos for The Baltimore Baton Instagram! Keep reading to find out more about the Baton and to check out some of my pictures from the weekend.

So, what is The Baltimore Baton?

The Baltimore Baton is an Instagram account that acts as “A photo relay between Baltimore locals shedding light on life in Charm City!” The account was founded by fellow Baltimore blogger Megan Soup of Soup of the Day and features a slew of other amazing Bmore locals showcasing various parts of the city. For more info, check out the Baton Insta here and read more about it on Megan’s blog here.

Okay, so what did I decide to show off during my weekend? Let’s take a look!

HAMPDEN: Donuts + Shopping

Jess and I have been talking about making an early morning trip over to Hampden for a while now. We couldn’t sleep in if we wanted to get some quality breakfast from Center Cut Doughnuts. The Baltimore Baton seemed like the perfect weekend to hit it up.

See, these people get me.

Don’t let her face fool you, Ellie was not happy that she had to wait outside while I ordered.

Center Cut has many tasty flavors to choose from. We went with Peach Bourbon, Brown Butter, Apple Crumb and Classic Glazed. I’ll have a more in depth Donut Time post up at some point.

Next, we headed to Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons to check out what they had in store.

They carry some neat stuff but way too much incense for me to handle. The store mascot is pretty cool though.

And I love this Halloween house across the street. Quick reminder: it’s March.

I popped into the Mid Century Modern furniture shop Paradiso, which smelled much better but made my wallet cry sad, sad tears.

They have some BEAUTIFUL pieces but I just could never feel good about spending that much money. My cheap ass will stick to thrifting.

I expected The Silver Fox to fall into a similar budget but it was surprisingly affordable and had so many of great finds.

It’s a more eclectic antique store that reminded me a lot of my parents because Fun Fact: My parents sell antiques.

We made a quick stop into Spro Coffee for an iced coffee. A very chill spot with super friendly staff.

Bazaar was the last stop before leaving the area – a curio shop full of wonderful and strange oddities.

PARKS: Druid Hill + Cylburn Arboretum

Since the weather was so great, we wanted to head out to a few Baltimore parks. We first checked out the lake at Druid Hill Park.

The park has some fantastic facilities and equipment open to the public. Definitely a great place to stop by for a stroll or a workout.

A short way away is the Cylburn Arboretum, a lovely park with themed gardens, wooded trails, and even a nature museum.

We made the most of our morning and headed back home to drop off the dog. Now our bellies were rumbling…

FOOD + DRINKS: Annabel Lee + Wet City

For dinner, we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Annabel Lee.

I tried the very tasty vegetable curry out for the first time and paired it with my favorite cocktail – The Red Masque of Death.

We wanted to head over to the Mount Vernon area so we made our first stop Wet City. The bar is really bright and airy which gives it a unique vibe. I loved all of the lighting color contrasts throughout the space.

Jason also enjoyed his Nashville hot chicken sandwich. Yum.

LATE NIGHT: Coffee Cravings + Loud Music

Next we hopped over to The Bun Shop which remains one of my favorite coffee shops in the city. You gotta get the Vietnamese coffee. Seriously, go get one. I’ll wait.

We we’re meeting up with some other friends so we headed over to Dooby’s so they could get a late night snack.

I may have also got one. 😉

To close out our night, we headed over to GAME sports bar to see a friend’s band play for the first time. The bar is located more centrally downtown in an area I don’t frequently visit. It’s right next to the Horseshoe casino, which maybe I would have went into if the bar wasn’t so ridiculously expensive. (Just kidding, it was the fact that I ate so many donuts and could barely walk up the stairs that killed that idea.)

But thankfully the band killed it! Check out Longest Start if you’re into pop punk.

Day One in the bag. Keep your peepers peeled for my pictures from Sunday!

What are some of your favorite spots in Baltimore?

Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

Click here for more trip recap posts + don’t forget to follow The Baltimore Baton on Instagram !

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