My Weekend with The Baltimore Baton – Day 2

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Lindsay

I’m back with pictures from Day 2 of my weekend with The Baltimore Baton. To find out more about the Baton and see photos from my first day, head back over to this introductory post.

While my first day with the Baltimore Baton was sunny and beautiful outside, my last day was dreary, windy and perpetually on the verge of rain. Seems like a fitting tribute to Spring time Baltimore weather. I made sure Ellie got a good biking workout in before we made our way to the first neighborhood.

BUT FIRST, COFFEE: Zeke’s in Hamilton

I was looking forward to heading over to one of my favorite areas of the city. What a better way to start the day then with my favorite local coffee from my favorite coffee spot. If you read this blog, you have probably already heard me gush about Zeke’s here, here, and here. That certainly doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few more photos.

Rob’s breakfast sandwich was looking mighty fine.

But the cream cheese and lox bagel sandwich will always hold the top spot in my heart.

HAMILTON: Helping put the “Charm” in “Charm City”

As I mentioned earlier, I have a fondness for the Hamilton neighborhood of Baltimore. It’s location is fairly far out of the city center but the neighborhood is a great representation of the uniqueness of Baltimore. It’s full of beautiful old homes, vibrant street art and some of the city’s best restaurants. Jason and I spent a good chunk of the day wandering around the area, visiting some of our favorite spots.

Silver Queen Cafe is a relatively new addition to the neighborhood that serves up dynamite seasonal dishes and tasty artisan pizzas. It’s BYOB and one of the best places to have an intimate Friday night dinner with friends.

Clementine is another staple restaurant with a great bar and delicious locally sourced meals.

We stopped into Mutt Mart for a few doggie treats including some from the Baltimore Dog Bakery!

It’s hard to miss the stunning old homes in the area. Each street in Hamilton gives me constant heart eyes.

LOCAL GOODS: Green Onion Market

The Green Onion Market building is hard to miss thanks to the giant carrot passing through it so you have no excuse NOT to stop in.

The market is a fantastic source for everything you can think of, from deli meats, produce, dairy products and yes, even coffee!

It’s worth stopping in for lunch or picking something up to make a meal at home. You won’t be disappointed.


We were planning to walk around the parks in the area but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Instead we ventured outside the neighborhood to the coffee shop Bird in Hand for one final treat before heading back home.

Jason has been ALL ABOUT this damn Wild Kombucha lately so he was stoked to find a new flavor here.


If I had to pick one staple of the Hamilton area it’s without a doubt Hamilton Tavern. This bar/restaurant serves up one of the tastiest burgers on the planet (make sure you order it with sticky bacon!) It’s a must-eat Bmore dish in my opinion.

And if you don’t want a burger, the tavern offers a lot of other fantastic dinner options and specials. You could easily go here several times a week and not get bored. (Can confirm.)


By the end of the weekend I had accumulated a good bit of coffee that we desperately needed. I love my Zeke’s and I’m really looking forward to trying out the batch of High Grounds coffee we picked up.

When all was said and done, I had a blast showing off Baltimore all weekend. It felt like I was travelling in a new city, which I always want to do more of. I hope to take this approach to other areas in Baltimore and document it in a similar way. I hope you had as much fun following along!

What are some of your favorite spots in Baltimore?

Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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