Weekly Photo Recap: THE WOODS

Posted on April 10, 2017 by Lindsay

OK SO THIS WEEK: I did some things and ate some food and you know, the usual. Prepare yourself for an exceptionally basic recap of the past week.



HELLO ENCHILADAS. GOODBYE ENCHILADAS. (Fun fact: I ate leftover enchiladas 3 times last week and they were delicious.)


HELLO RAINBOW. It was nice spotting this cute thang on an otherwise dreary Tuesday morning.

Late in the evening Jason and I went to the movies and ended up in the fancy new Dolby Atmos theater. We were 2 of 3 people in the whole theater and it was very pleasant.

Hey! Public service announcement from my shitty dietary habits: Did you know a large popcorn at the movies has over 1000 calories? Yeah, fml.


Jason cooked up some salmon steak because he rules.


I avoided the donuts at work all day but there were so many that were going to get thrown away that I ended up taking a bag home. Good news is that Jason ended up eating most of them.


I had to check out another movie at The Charles for a podcast I was appearing on later in the weekend. It was cold and windy out but Penn Station was looking mighty fine.


I had an amazing day on Saturday being productive and hanging in the woods. SO GLAD I ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS OFF FROM WORK EACH WEEK TO DO THINGS I ACTUALLY ENJOY.

I’m currently contemplating running away to live in the forest. Let me know your thoughts on this proposal.


Busy day that went by too fast. Podcasted, saw a house, finished chores and worked on posts. I made progress on a DIY chair makeover I’m working on and drank this giant Crispin while I played with Ellie and her goon squad.

I’ve been drinking so much good coffee lately and it makes me so happy. I wish I could smell these photos.

What was the highlight of your week?

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