Weekly Photo Recap: Good Vibes

Posted on April 17, 2017 by Lindsay

I had a very chill and groovy week. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the recap.

THE WEEK OF APRIL 10th, 2017


I had a lot going on this week. Kicking things off was a normal, busy Monday that ended with late-night list making and a cuddle session.


A local restaurant chain (and favorite lunch spot for Jason) Atwater’s Bakery invited us to check out their dinner menu and it was AMAZING. Everything we ordered was so savory and delicious. I’ll have a whole post recap up later this week but here are a few of the highlights from the night:

Gimme all the Bees Knees cocktails.

Jason ordered the shrimp and grits and it might have been the best one I’ve ever tasted.

I went with the Peruvian chicken. I don’t even need to say anything about it, you can just see the photo below:

After the sun set it was lavender cheesecake + coffee for dessert. Seriously, everything was dynamite. Keep an eye out for that full post!

When we got back home from dinner, we celebrated Ellie’s 3rd birthday with this adorable donut treat from Dogma. It was gone in .03 seconds.


I spent Hump Day catching up on some photo editing and social media posting. Nothing too terribly exciting happened but that’s totally cool with me.


So I’ve been searching for a few key furniture items for a few months now. One of the biggest pieces I’ve been on the hunt for is a mid century credenza. Most of them are very expensive or snatched off Craigslist before I can blink but on Thursday the stars aligned and Jason was able to grab this busted beauty from a curb alert for FREE! It needs a good bit of refinishing but I am so happy with it and I think it will be pretty rad once it’s all fixed up. (Apologies for the weird angle BTW. It’s sitting in an odd spot in my living room for the time being and it was sort of difficult to photograph.)


QUITE THE INTERESTING START TO THE WEEKEND. Jason, our friend Julie and I grabbed a bite at Pop Tacos in Federal Hill before heading out to a concert in DC. I’ll just say that these Korean BBQ fusion tacos were the real star of the evening. 🙂


After we met with some friends for a pancake breakfast, I decided to make a quick stop at the thrift store. Jason always brings up the fact that we should get a fondue set so when I saw this 70s gem for $4 I had no reason to hesitate.

Of course we wanted to try it out immediately. My BFF Jess said that as soon as I posted a picture of the set on my Instastory she knew we were going to invite everyone over for fondue. (I can’t tell if that means I’m super predictable, Jess just knows me really well or a combination of the two.) Anyway – that’s exactly what we did!

Jason was a fantastic chef, putting together all the necessary culinary trimmings while I made three separate cocktail drinks for everyone. I was definitely feeling the 70s cocktail party vibes.


Easter Sunday was spent with family, eating good food, enjoying the sunshine and of course, blaring Kendrick Lamar’s new album anytime we were in the car.

What was the highlight of your week?

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