Weekly Photo Recap: Get Going

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Lindsay

This past week was a struggle for me to stay motivated. A rough week at work and unpredictable weather thwarted camping plans and gave way to some of my more negative habits.

THE WEEK OF APRIL 17th, 2017


The week started off nicely (well after the work day was over.) Jason, Ellie and I went over to Patapsco Valley State Park for an evening hike + bike.

We were able to work on some training with Ellie and she loved the freedom to run.

I can’t be totally sure but if I had to guess Jason’s pecking order in the house it would be Ellie, the bike, then me.

We stopped off at the grocery store afterwards for dinner and when we got home I made some Gin Bramble cocktails that we are currently addicted to.

Jason made stuffed bass for dinner and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it might have been the best piece of fish I’ve ever eaten. Jason said he thinks he should have used “a little less salt” but I thought it was perfect.


I took Ellie on a nice bike ride in the afternoon and hung out with friends in the evening for a movie night. We had a hiccup with the movie and ended up watching a bunch of YouTube videos. Pretty typical.


I realize that this packet of powdered sugar donuts from the vending machine looks sad and yeah I guess it does symbolize my terrible decision-making and planning abilities I’ve had this week but damn it, powdered donuts are delightful.


I worked on two DIY projects and finally finished this office chair redo. This once grey chair (which FTS has named Rhonda) was found by Nick on the side of the highway. Apparently, my friends don’t think twice about bringing random garbage into my house and leaving it as a permanent fixture. I’ll admit I was skeptical about Rhonda and her origins but despite the many stains, it was still a great looking chair. I’ve thought about reupholstering it or dying it over the years but after a little trial and error I found an amazing upholstery paint that worked wonders. I totally forgot to scrounge up a “before” picture but trust me when I say that this looks like a whole new chair!


Thanks to an abysmal work day, I was ready to curl up into a ball and hibernate all weekend. Jason convince me to get some fresh air and unwind a bit first. We took Ellie out to Honeygo Run Park for a nice little walk and bike ride.

For dinner, we met friends at Blue Hill Tavern for some edible therapy.


It rained all day Saturday which pretty much informed my mood. I spent all day working on projects, namely planning an upcoming road trip. I read through big chunks of this Reader’s Digest book my dad got me a while back called The Most Scenic Drives in America. It’s full of flowery language and beautiful snapshots, I love it. (I have this version but it looks like there is an updated version here.)


It was really pretty out so Jason and I made sure we got out for a hike. We headed to Gunpowder Falls State Park for a short trip. The prior day rain had the water rushing and everything was a deep green. Ellie was doing excellent with our hike and enjoyed stomping around the water again.

Finding balance and appreciating the moment are constant struggles for me. I always have a little voice in my head that worries I won’t be able to see enough or do enough and somehow that will make me a failure. But I know I’m awarded so many opportunities in life that others are not. I often take for granted that my struggle to decide and figure things out is actually a huge privilege. It is so easy to forget that and super hard to have perspective. I guess I’m just writing this here as a future reminder.

What was the highlight of your week?

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