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Posted on April 28, 2017 by Lindsay

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m having a difficult time not quoting Austin Powers right now. Keep reading to see what fun stuff I’ll be sharing this week.

Mugs & More is just a fun way to share cool coffee mugs and other cute stuff I find around the web. The theme this week? GOLD


use them for all your 24 karat goodies

Very cute mid century gold mugs. [ Vintage-Set of 6-Thermo Black & Gold Mugs-Westbend Insulated Barware-Retro-Mid Century ] or get them in white: [Vintage NFC Gold Thermal Mugs]

Tiny but fancy brass tankard mug. [ Vintage tankard mug – Brass ]

More fancy brass! [ Brass Mugs, Set of Five, Vintage Coffee Cups ]

By far my favorite of the bunch. I’m really rethinking my whole mug game right now. [ Siesta Ware Set of 6 Pastel Wooden Handled Mugs ]

Love this color blocked look. [ Metallic Gold Coffee Mug ]


get it in GOLD

Very sexy mid century coffee that I want so badly it hurts. [ Vintage Mid Century Coffee Pot ]

This is a flask you’ll want to flaunt. [ Oval and Out Flask ]

These are too fancy for me but GOLD! [ Gold Herringbone, Wood Coaster Set ]

The perfect accent piece for your couch or bed. [ Colorblock Gold Pillow Cover ]

You had me at pineapple. [ Pineapple Dream All Naturall Soy Candle + 4 oz Soy Candle ]

Click HERE for more mugs and other fun finds!

Check back every Friday for more goodies.

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