Weekly Photo Recap: Heyday

Posted on May 15, 2017 by Lindsay

This past week went by in a flash. Once I sat back to reflect on it, I was surprised just how busy each day was. This week is shaping up to be more of the same so let’s not waste anymore time.



For our evening walk, I took Ellie to some random neighborhood nearby that I’ve never been to before. That sounds sort of sketchy when I read it back now but ANYWAY the area turned out to be surprisingly peaceful. We passed by a lovely man-made pond and some rather cute graffiti.


It was beautiful out! Jason and I spent the evening looking at houses before stopping to grab some pizza under these patio lights.

Later on, I gave Ellie a bath. 🙂


Here’s a terrible Hump Day photo of my Asian Salmon lunch wrap (it tasted great though).

I spent the rest of the day catching up on work (per usual) and continuing my series rewatch of Community.


Jason and I finalized all of our plans for our next camping trip at the end of the month! We just need to pick up a few miscellaneous items but I’m so stoked and I already started packing.


I finally got to try Ekiben for dinner and it did not disappoint!

Afterwards, we met with friends for drinks and had a very typical Friday night.


The very busy day started off at the Pile of Craft fair hosted by Charm City Craft Mafia. My friend Melissa invited me to check it out with her and I’m so thankful. The first order of business was trying out donuts from Sundays Bakehouse.

The fair was located at St John’s United Methodist Church and I couldn’t take my eyes off the place.

The vendors at the show were so fantastic and inspiring. I bought sooo many goodies which I’ll show off in a moment.

Next we took a quick walk over to R House for another maker’s market – For The Greater Goods Market.

We bought more fun stuff and then had a quick caffeine pit stop at Ground & Griddled.

When I finally made it home I had a lot to show off. I wanted to take photos of all of the products because these artists and makers are so talented, they deserve as many shout outs as they can get.

This wonderfully macabre print is from Horse & Hare.

Another wonderful print with great coloring from The Wild Wander.

Sweet Ouija board linen for Jess from Open Eyes Press.

Lovely Mother’s Day bouquet picked up from B. Willow.

SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS CAKE from Drunken Rum Cakes. I can’t wait to pick up more.

I’m also very excited to mix some drinks with these cocktail vinegars from Shrub District.

These Wholesome Nibbles taste almost exactly like these super food bars we got in Iceland.

More cake from Taste This Cake (don’t mind if I do…)

I’m a sucker for a fancy candle and 228 Grant Street got me.

And last but not least, I picked up some Flourchild Preserves jam from Carma’s Café.

The morning was so busy but the evening was no less exciting. We got to see a live recording of one of my favorite podcasts – My Favorite Murder! I didn’t take any photos but the show was a blast. It was cool to be in the audience for a live show after hearing so many other recordings.


Sunday was of course, Mother’s Day. I spend the whole morning cleaning, organizing and running errands so that I could spend the rest of the day on Mom activities. My Dad dropped off the pooches to play with Ellie while Jason and I worked on making dinner for my Mom.

Warning – goofy gifs ahead.

My mom loves Mexican food so I enlisted Jason to whip up some of his dynamite enchiladas.

The dogs were very excited about this.

I really didn’t do anything other than offer a second pair of hands in the kitchen but Jason seemed like he had it down.

The finished product!

What was the highlight of your week?

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