Weekly Photo Recap: Coming Home

Posted on June 5, 2017 by Lindsay

The end of our adventures led us back home and into our normal routines. Check out some more fun photos –

THE WEEK OF MAY 29, 2017


Time to rise and shine early bird! We had to get a fire going…

…because it’s time for some campfire coffee!

After we soaked in our last bits of the morning, we were on our way North towards Shenandoah National Park. We stopped to catch a few of the unforgettable views along Skyline Drive.

We eventually setup our tent at the campground and headed out to our first hike. We started on the Doyle’s River trail which was supposed to be about 3 miles and lead through some beautiful waterfalls. It certainly did not disappoint –

I love this shot of Ellie totally not ready for this photo.

We were hiking for quite a while before realizing that we had went further than we were supposed to and were continuing onto an Appalachian Trail hike that was double the distance. It was getting dark so we decided to pick up a little speed and thankfully the trail looped back around just in time for some sunset views.

Jason made some steaks for dinner while I contributed once again with toasted marshmallows.

We headed into the tent to relax with a murder mystery. Jason fell asleep three pages into my shoddy English accent.


We left in the morning, deciding to get breakfast on the road. I absolutely loved seeing the morning fog roll through the mountains like waves.

It turned out to be another beautiful day so we made sure not to miss any opportunity for a skyline photo.

Before we knew it, we were on our way home. We were done with tents and cabins and headed right into the arms of a hot shower.

Well, okay maybe one last donut stop at Duck Donuts.

Overall, the trip was such a blast. It was six days filled with all of my favorite activities: road trips, camping and eating too much. A special shout out to our all-time favorite road trip partner.


My first day back home yielded a fun surprise – my first package from Angels’ Cup had arrived. Angels’ Cup is a service that helps to curate blind tastings from different coffee roasters so that you can help expand your coffee tasting skills & knowledge while also finding new favorite coffee roasts. I took a few product photos when the box came in for an upcoming post I’m putting together about the whole service. I can’t wait!!


I came home to some lovely gifts courtesy of my friend Nate’s awesome book collection. I haven’t read a book about film in forever so I’m looking forward to checking these out.

We spent the late evening unwinding and finally finishing up the last 2 episodes of The Keepers. It was an intense and blood-boiling series but so important for people to watch. I won’t sugar-coat it – it’s utterly depressing – but still well worth a watch and damn near essential viewing if you’re into documentaries or true crime stories.


Happy National Donut day! Dunkin Donuts convinced me to have another donut because it was free and let’s be honest, I didn’t need any convincing. After work, I hung out with friends, ate some damn fine Peruvian chicken from Chicken Rico and had a few cocktails. A super solid Friday.


I spent the day outside in the lovely weather enjoying some Maryland crabs in honor of our friend Sean’s birthday! It was really nice to kick back and enjoy the day with friends. We spent most of the evening doing some chores (ew) and relaxing before crashing on the couch with some ice cream.


It was one of those Sunday mornings I was sort of dreading because I had so much to do. Days like that, days where I’m more worried about making sure something gets done then the act of doing it, always stresses me out. I was up early editing photos but Ellie was having none of it.

One of the fun things I got to do was try out the first Angels’ Cup brew! I’ll have a full post up about the experience soon but my first taste test went great and I learned a lot just from my first round. AND the coffee was delicious!

Later in the day, we headed over to Gunpowder State Park for a quick hike + bike before grabbing dinner and then watching the latest episode of Twin Peaks with friends. I might need to go on a donut detox for a little while!

What was the highlight of your week?

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