His & Hers: Goals for June 2017

Posted on June 7, 2017 by Lindsay

A new month is here and I can already feel the pressure building. Let’s see how well we did with our goals last month and figure out new strategies for the weeks ahead.




Action: Actively promote FTS May blogathon weekly + organize details of AC’s new blogathon.

The FTS blogathon is pushing forward and I even got my own post out which I’m pumped about getting done. I am also getting very excited for the linkup I’m working on for this blog and the awesome co-host I’m working with.


Action: Finish editing and upload photos for Austin and KCMO trips.

I completely finished Austin but only partially finished photos for Kansas City (I’m real close though!) I plan to wrap it up this weekend.


Action: Analyze statistics and research alternative methods.

I did a pretty good job with this. I checked out my stats and worked through a few different posting theories. I definitely feel like I’m getting a better handle on not feeling overwhelmed by managing all of the social media platforms. “Pinterest clean-up” is still a staggering task on my to-do list.

JUNE 2017:


Action: Run through proper daily to-do list for at least 5 consecutive days.

I have a super functional “Daily To-Do List” that is a well organized snapshot of the small tasks I should be focusing on everyday instead of letting them pile up into bigger issues. I have always struggled with making time for it because I tend to “batch” tasks, thinking it is more efficient even when it’s not. Now that I have most of my big ticket to-do list items under control, my goal is to spend a few moments each day on the easily maintainable check boxes.


Action: Email 3 Baltimore area businesses/brands/bloggers.

I’ve been having a great time reaching out to brands and working on different posts so I want to keep the positive momentum going. My main goal for the next month is to just take some time to reintroduce myself to some of my affiliates but also reach out to my favorite local brands.


Action: “Take off” for at lease one hour every Monday evening to completely relax.

Right from the jump I can tell that I’m already on track to overload myself this month this activities. I started an unofficial tradition last month by using face masks every other Monday evening and I think it could actually be a stupid little self care routine that works for me. I want to carve out a chunk of time each Monday (because those always seem to be the most stressful) to do some sort of healthy self care practice whether it’s something beauty related or doing some reflective reading or whatever.


Last Month:

Climb Outside

Action: Find a rock outside and climb it!

Although while in Asheville we passed a ton of good rocks to climb on, I, of course, forgot to bring my crash pad. DOH! Gonna have to bump this one to next month and find something local!

Plan for Memorial Day

Action: Book accommodations for first trip in May

Success! Lindsay, Ellie, and I went on an awesome road trip down to Asheville. Tons of camping, campfire food, and hikes made the trip a blast! Post coming soon!

Teach Ellie a new Trick

Action: Teach Ellie to return faster on command when distracted

While on our road trip we tried to train Ellie to listen and stay put when passing other hikers. She is usually just so amped to say hello, but that can scare people. With a little treat magic this was actually really easy! By the end of the trip she was listening so well!

JUNE 2017:

Climb Outside

Action: Find a rock outside and climb it!

This one needs no explanation, a shameless pull from last months failures.


Action: Book flights and lodging.

I know I sound like a broken record but I think I finally have my dates nailed down so I should be able to wrap this up with month.

Mountain bike some place new

Action: Try out a new mountain bike trail somewhere over an hour away

I want to expand my mountain biking onto new trails so that I can experience different parks and areas.




Action: Sort through leftovers together and organize.

Ugh, nope. We got rid of some stuff but the task of organizing the basement seems to get more unruly every day. Definitely want to get this under control soon.


Action: Book flights and accommodations.

Oh my, we are getting really behind here! A few intermediate trips popped up so we tried to work through scheduling in order. No more time to waste though.


Action: Sand sewing table & credenza. Find server case structure.

Alright, so we clearly did not pay enough attention to our May goals. Although I will admit I was skeptical that we would find the time to get this done.

JUNE 2017:


Action: Meal Plan lunches for three weeks and cook dinner for at least 3 nights each week.

We both went a little donut overboard last month and haven’t meal planned in a long time. We want to get ambitious this month by focusing on eating better and saving a little money in the process!


Action: Focus on random little projects that need to be finished around the home by knocking out at least 3 random DIY/fixer upper projects.

Besides the bigger trouble areas of our house (namely the basement) we want to make it a point to finish the few random, little tasks we’ve been putting off for a while. It always feels good to knock out the small stuff.


Action: Book all flights and other transportation for our fall Europe trip.

This has taken longer than we anticipated but I’m pretty sure if we don’t do this ASAP then we will never go!

Do you write monthly goals?

What do you hope to accomplish next month?

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