Weekly Photo Recap: Fluctuation

Posted on June 19, 2017 by Lindsay

A mix of DSLR photos and camera phone pics round out the recap from last week. Let’s get started.

THE WEEK OF JUNE 12th, 2017


We kick started our week of healthier eating with an amazing fish dinner thanks to Jason’s fantastic kitchen skills. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite dinners.


Last minute Tuesday night, Jason + I met up with some friends at Golden West Cafe for Shocktail Hour. We had some sassy drinks in cool mugs and watched a little campy horror flick. I’m looking forward to heading out for the next show!


The busy days continued and I was happy to have my meal prepped lunches. This baked sweet potato and feta salad dish was sooo good.


After work I headed directly over to the seafood restaurant Minnow for a Baltimore Bloggers Happy Hour. I stepped outside my comfort zone and had the opportunity to chat with a bunch of fabulous creative ladies. I’m glad I was able to make it out to connect and of course, eat a few tasty appetizers.

Directly after the happy hour I met up with Jason to see OK GO perform. I’m not super-duper familiar with the band’s discography but we sort of bought tickets on a whim. The show was fun though, I enjoyed the inventive audio/visual components of the show and their excessive use of confetti canons.


I definitely was feeling that End of The Week dragging feeling. Jason and I took the dog out for a while and later on we headed to a friend’s house to finalize some future travel plans!


We focused on our housing search the whole week which remains an annoying and draining task. Both Jason and I have a lot of options which should be a reminder to be thankful but often just registers as overwhelming. We need to remember to keep our eye on the prize and stay optimistic/confident that we’ll make the best decision.

I wasted some time on Free Cell early in the morning before venturing out to some house showings. It is my biggest guilty pleasure time waster.

We had a big late lunch that shifted any dinner plans we might have had. Eventually we made it out to the bar with a few friends to further unwind by drinking copious amounts of margaritas.


For Father’s Day my dad asked if we would just want to hang out at the house and take the dogs swimming.

Later we hit up a nearby beach for more frolicking.

I think the dogs had the best day.

What was the highlight of your week?

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