Weekly Photo Recap: Keep it Together

Posted on August 21, 2017 by Lindsay

There aren’t many photos this week thanks to the usual hustle and bustle but it’s still recap time so let’s get to it.

THE WEEK OF August 14, 2017


A quick stop at the store after work for packing supplies and then you guessed it… more packing. Nothing too extreme but I finished up the kitchen which was one of the last rooms left to pack.


We finished up some more renovation work at the new house and I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the kitchen rafters look exposed. We’ll continue to clean them up to see how they look but now we are toying with the idea of keeping them open!


I had a tasty chicken/goat cheese/beet wrap for lunch from the local sub shop. (Decent work lunch score)

Reno work at the new place consisted of pulling carpet on the main floor. Found a donut in the process.


Jason and I went out to a nice dinner for my Dad’s birthday and later trekked through IKEA so we could be overwhelmed by design options.


I keep trying to eat healthy but when Mission BBQ caters your work lunch you have to put down the lentil soup and grab a fork.

We did some more miscellaneous work at the new place and I snapped this photo of my new bedroom view.


Just another weekend renovation day (are you getting tired of these updates yet?) The biggest perk to waking up super early on the weekends are my morning dog walks in perfect temperatures and solitude.


As the weekend draws to an end and our move out day fast approaches, my stress levels only continue to rise.
Pictured below: pre-reno-freakout caffeine & waffle breakfast sandwich courtesy of Order & Chaos.

What was the highlight of your week?

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