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Posted on September 4, 2017 by Lindsay

It was our last week to move and I am so glad that it is finally over! Now we are back to our regularly scheduled program…



In my never ending pursuit to score estate sale items, I snagged a set of mid century lamps from the online auction Everything But The House. I picked up 3 vintage lamps for $15 – not bad! I can’t wait to spiff them up a bit and see them in a finished room.

After work, it was time to give the brick wall one last brush!

Dinner: Arepas at White Envelope – yesssss.


If you currently or have ever worked in an office, you understand how difficult it is to avoid the free treats that wind up in the break room. The insane baked goods that came in courtesy of Snickerdoodles Bakery were IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.

Later in the evening we finally sealed the wall!!


We checked in on our wall to see what it looked like after the final seal and…we love it! We wanted to keep the bricks a little washed out with a matte feel so we picked a no luster sealer and we couldn’t believe how well it turned out.

It doesn’t even look sealed but you can see in the second photo here how the water beads right off! We were happy with how easy the process was and that we were finally all finished up.


Thursday was one of the longest days ever. We wanted to be completely moved out by Friday night so we prepped our big furniture and as much as we could take with help from our friend. The entire process took us well into the night. Then we remembered we would have to do it all again the next day. 😐


Jason organized free space at the new place while I finished cleaning out everything from our old place.

Our friends came over to give the house a proper send off and ended up helping move stuff from the house until 2 in the morning. I’m not sure what we did to deserve friends like these but it fills me with such intense joy.


After a loooong night, I was looking forward to sleeping in. Alas, duty called and we started another early day. Even Ellie wanted to stay in bed.

After spending most of the day running errands and organizing an entire house full of stuff, we were super happy to join our best buds at R House for culinary therapy. Don’t let the sub par photos fool you, the grub at The Urban Oyster is definitely worth your attention.


We finally had a good night’s sleep so I urged Jason to come check out the Baltimore’s Farmer Market with me. Jason was seriously impressed and I revisited my favorite hot spot.

We even picked up a bone for Bean. She was pleased.

We spent the rest of the day running various errands and fleshing out design plans for a few upcoming home renovation projects. Later, we joined the group for dinner and the Twin Peaks finale. Let’s just say I’m happy and sad and clinging to the fact that there are clues and answers somewhere in the final episode (otherwise my psyche will fracture into a million pieces and I will never recover.) Cool!

What was the highlight of your week?

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