Coffee Break: The Roasterie Cafe in Kansas City, MO

Posted on September 13, 2017 by Lindsay

Everyone ready for another coffee break? Great! Let’s take a peek at The Roasterie Cafe in Kansas City, MO and then you can check out more Coffee Break posts.

Say hello to The Roasterie Cafe
in Kansas City, MO!

Kansas City’s popular coffee spot has multiple locations around the city but their main roasting facility is something to see.

Their main cafe is massive and offers a ton of fun stuff for visitors including behind the scenes tours and public cuppings. It’s not a bad place to spend a day wandering around either.

Thankfully, the coffee is on par with the atmosphere.

If you’re a coffee fan looking to spend some time outside the usual hipster cafe, do yourself a favor and check out The Roasterie!

What are your favorite coffee spots in Kansas City?
Make sure to comment with your own recommendations!

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