Weekly Photo Recap: Blink

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Lindsay

A busy schedule means this will be a quick recap – here we go!



Back to the grind Monday. I’m still trying to eat a decent lunch even though we have been eating out a lot at home. I ran over to the grocery story on my lunch break and wound up trying this tasty little treat.


After work we met some friends at Flavor and indulged in Taco Tuesday tacos and margaritas. Sorry about the lack of food pics!


The never ending restaurant dinner trend led us to one of our favorite spots – Mi & Yu Noodle Bar.


Nothing terribly exciting going down this week (aka I didn’t snap many pics) but I did have a few stroopwafels for breakfast here and there.


I’ve been taking my favorite girl into work more often. I love having her by my side all day. 🙂

“Alright stop taking photos and let’s go!” – Ellie in the car


We’ve been so busy lately that we can’t help but wake up early on the weekends. For breakfast, we tried out some donuts from Stall 11 – they were very unique and had a subtle flavor that was really great.

After a day spent searching for house stuff and finalizing design plans, we headed to Lancaster for the Field of Screams hospitality night! This year I’ll be talking about the haunted attraction on both of my blogs so keep an eye out for more info.


Consumed a lot of coffee on Sunday to stay awake while working on house stuff. First with a morning muffin –

– Then later in the evening to avoid completely passing out.

We got a bit accomplished but we are still feeling rushed due to the impending vacation. Hopefully, when we get on the plane this Friday we will finally just give up and breathe a temporary sigh of relief.

What was the highlight of your week?

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