My First Nespresso Experience Thanks to Hayman Coffee

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Lindsay

Thanks to Hayman Coffee and a few friends at work, I was able to taste test my very first Nespresso coffee. Keep reading to hear my thoughts and find out more information on how you can try it out too!

I was recently contacted by the wonderful people at Hayman Coffee to try out one of their roasts and I was delighted! I always like trying out new coffee (duh) but I was even more excited because I was able to try out a new brew method too. First up – the unboxing. I was so impressed with the fancy packaging, it made me feel like I was receiving a truly luxurious package.

The capsule pods were individually sealed for freshness and each box came with a card detailing all of the coffee notes.

Here’s a closer look at what I was in store for:

I headed into work the next day, excited to share the new coffee. A co-worker of mine has his own Nespresso machine in the office so we fired it up and eagerly awaited our first sips.

The brewing was so easy and super quick! In minutes, I had a cup of espresso waiting for me.

The coffee itself matched up perfectly with its’ description. It was very light and smooth with no bitter notes to speak of. It seemed like the pods did a great job keeping the coffee’s intended flavor.

Not only did I like the coffee but I really loved the way Hayman treated their product. From the packaging to the prompt delivery and everything in between, the experience was top notch. An order from Hayman would make a great gift or addition to your morning (of even afternoon!) routine.

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