Weekly Photo Recap: Hello Germany

Posted on October 6, 2017 by Lindsay

I’m a few recaps behind thanks to our recent trip abroad. Now I’m ready to play catch-up!



I spent the evening at an Orioles game with Jason’s company. It’s always a good time to sit in the stands and cheer (even when you are completely and totally exhausted.)


I had a late day at work and had to run a few errands afterwards. I was trying my best to get things packed before leaving on Friday but we just had so much going on. After dinner, we had a little sorbet treat. I love how they fill the sorbet into hollowed out fruit shells.


We headed downtown after work to meet Sean & Melissa for dinner. Sometimes I forget how lovely some of the buildings are in that area despite the fact that they have been largely commercialized.

Afterwards, we went to a show at Soundstage. I’ve never been to that venue (not sure why) but I liked the layout and would love to check it out again.


Jason and I ran around finishing some errands before the trip. We stopped off for dinner at Matsuri Restaurant before heading back home to pack.

I swear Ellie knows when we are packing and prepping for a trip. She can probably sense my anxiety.


It was time to catch our plane directly after work on Friday. Here’s a few obligatory shots from outside the plane window.


We made it to Frankfurt! Any guesses as to what we did first?

Airport donuts, of course. Thanks, Tasty Donuts!

We checked into our cute little Airbnb before heading out to dinner. I love to admire all of the intimate details sprinkled throughout people’s homes.

We had schnitzel and Apfelwein courtesy of Zur Schönen Müllerin.

And finally we had a few more drinks and these delicious fried apples before heading in for the night.


Our first full day of our trip! We kicked things off with coffee and breakfast at a nearby spot – Café Maingold.

After breakfast, we picked up our rental car, grabbed a coffee to go and hit the road.

Our first stop was in Heidelberg! A seriously charming city dotted with Gothic churches and Renaissance architecture. I couldn’t stop snapping photos of the buildings, doors, windows…you name it! Or you can just take a look at the pics:

There were some truly beautiful views of the city and Heidelberg castle along the Neckar river.

We wandered the rest of the city exploring the streets and enjoying the sights.

Eventually we hit the road and made it to our next city just in time for a late dinner (thanks Trattoria Pane e Vino!)

There are plenty more photos and adventures to come in the next photo recap so stay tuned!

What was the highlight of your week?

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